The Account object


    account_type string

    String representing the account’s type. Possible values are standard for paid accounts and developer for accounts in free trial.

    address string

    Postal address of the account which will be displayed in the invoices.

    auth_id string

    Auth ID of the account.

    auto_recharge boolean

    Whether automatic recharge of account is enabled when credits fall below a certain threshold.

    billing_mode string

    Billing mode of the account. Possible values are prepaid and postpaid.

    cash_credits string

    Credits of the account in USD.

    city string

    City of the account holder.

    name string

    Name of the account holder.

    resource_uri string

    URI of the account resource.

    state string

    State or region of the account.

    timezone string

    The time zone used in the Plivo dashboard for this account. A list of possible time zone values is maintained at the IANA Time Zone Database.


      "account_type": "standard",
      "address": "Wayne Enterprises Inc.",
      "api_id": "150892a0-922a-11e7-b6f4-061564b78b75",
      "auth_id": "MAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
      "auto_recharge": false,
      "billing_mode": "prepaid",
      "cash_credits": "1.80900",
      "city": "Gotham",
      "name": "Bruce Wayne",
      "resource_uri": "/v1/Account/MAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/",
      "state": "NY",
      "timezone": "America/New_York"