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Plivo’s 10DLC API allows customers to complete their 10DLC registration. This guide is for resellers who want to complete 10DLC registration for their customers in the US or Canada who do not have a Tax ID. Plivo recommends creating a starter brand for these customers.

Note: If you have a Tax ID, you must register your business for a standard brand. Customers who register as starter brands and are found to have an EIN or Tax ID risk receiving error messages or suspension.

Limitations of starter registration

Starter registration comes with the following limitations.

  • Each brand can create up to one campaign. That campaign can only be linked to one US long code.
  • Starter registration is only available for customers with a valid US or Canadian address.
  • Each starter registration requires a US or Canadian mobile number. Please note that this number cannot be a number acquired by a CPaaS provider like Plivo.
  • Duplication checks: The Campaign Registry (TCR) has mandated additional checks on email and mobile phone number fields.
    • This mobile number can be only used a maximum of three times across all A2P registrations with TCR. Numbers that have been used with another CPaaS provider count towards this limit.


Each 10DLC brand registration will cost a one-time fee of $4. Each campaign will cost $2 per month. Additionally, each campaign needs to be vetted, resulting in a one-time fee of $15. Read more about the vetting process here.


To complete your registration, follow these steps.

  1. Create a profile with entity_type = INDIVIDUAL. Profile registration details can be found in our API documentation.
  2. Use your profile to create a 10DLC brand.
  3. Provide a mobile number to verify your brand creation request.
  4. Verify your 10DLC brand by responding to the text message received from TCR. If you don’t receive a message, use the Brand API to trigger the verification message again. When you reply to that message, TCR will mark your brand as verified.
  5. Create your campaign and submit it for approval.
  6. Once approved, link the number to your campaign.