Don't Let Your Two-Factor Authentication Vendor Be a Single Point of Failure

For effective two-factor authentication with no down time, consider a multivendor approach with Plivo

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Global 2FA You Can Trust
Adding Plivo as a Secondary 2FA Provider Ensures Your Critical SMS and Voice Communications Are Delivered
  • Uptime and Availability
    • Plivo’s platform supports more than a billion transactions every month while maintaining 99.99% API uptime.
    • Our infrastructure is globally distributed and uses a network of eight data centers around the world to power global communications.
  • Transparency Around Engagement
    • Plivo’s customer engagement teams offer access to dedicated solution engineers for fast, 1:1 guidance on complex integrations.
    • Dedicated in-house carrier teams keep abreast of laws and regulations for full transparency and faster issue resolution.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
    • Plivo offers senders a direct route to end users, with a one-hop maximum, and without route dilution or blending. Users can make calls and send SMS messages to every country in the world, avoid delays, and avoid paying for repeated undelivered messages.
Fast & Reliable Global User Authentication
2FA Features That Go Beyond Messaging
For authentication you can trust, conversion rates, quality, and customer experience matter

Maximize 2FA Delivery Success with Plivo’s SMS Best Practices

Maximize 2FA Delivery Success with Plivo’s SMS Best Practices

It’s surprisingly complicated to send SMS. Rules, regulations, and restrictions vary by country and carrier. Use this guide to help your business craft, format, and send great messages.

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background-image Maximize 2FA Delivery Success with Plivo’s SMS Best Practices
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2FA Fraud Protection Features
Plivo 2FA reduces the risk of fraud, secures accounts, prevents takeovers, and protects high-value transactions.
Fraud Protection Features You Can Trust
  • Geo Permission Management
    • Control the list of destination countries to which SMS and voice calls can be made from your Plivo account.
    • Disable communications to high-risk countries where you don’t have users.
  • International Toll Fraud Protection
    • Manage connectivity to global high-risk premium numbers prone to international toll fraud attacks.
    • Maintain your own destination number blacklists on Plivo for greater control.
  • Pattern-Based Alerts
    • Trigger alerts from unusual SMS or voice activity on your Plivo account.
    • Trigger alerts when delivery rates drop significantly due to messaging to invalid or unallocated phone numbers.

Get Effective 2FA With No Down Time

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