SMS Broadcasting

Reach out to your customers at scale via SMS to 200+ countries

What is SMS Broadcasting?

SMS Broadcasting is a method of sending text messages in bulk to a large group of recipients. In essence, you are broadcasting your text message to your users with timely information directly to your user's mobile. With Plivo's API, you can send outbound SMS in large quantities to users from your web or mobile application (e.g., sports scores, emergency alerts) or even collect data from your users (e.g., political polling, product surveys).

What are some SMS broadcasting use cases?

System Status Alerts

Seamlessly integrate monitoring tools to send alerts to your IT team and escalate issues to the right person. Users: server providers, IT monitoring systems, web-hosting services, etc.

Sports Scores

Update all of your subscribers instantly with live scores of the most popular games. Users: broadcasters, sports and racing associations, subscription services, news agencies, etc.

Invoice & Debt Collection

Ensure your customers receive instantly. Send invoice reminders and notices directly to their mobile phones. Users: debt collection agencies, utility companies, retail, solicitors, repair outlets, etc.

Emergency Alerts

Notify large communities instantly when there's suspicious activity or a natural disaster and provide actionable tips. Users: colleges and universities, city government, HR departments, etc.

Fund Raising

Reach out to all of your supporters cheaply and effectively to notify them of upcoming events and campaign reminders. Users: political parties, charities, NGOs, non-profits, schools, clubs, societies, etc.

Survey & polling

Survey large groups and collect data for important and timely questions instantly. Users: political parties, city councils, universities, housing associations, retail outlets, consumer products, etc.

How do you add SMS broadcasting to your app?

Plivo enables you to add SMS broadcasting in a matter of minutes. We provide examples and Helper Libraries so that you can add the functionality in any web standard languages you need.

Check out how simple it is to send SMS text messages in bulk with Plivo

import plivo

AUTH_ID = "MAX..."
AUTH_TOKEN = "IEWcw2323Udsd..."
your_number = "14152223333"
your_audience_number = "14151112222<14151113333<14151114444<14151115555<14151116666"

message = { 'src':your_audience_number,
            'text':"Your favorite team just won the championship! Final score 3:0!"

p = plivo.RestAPI(AUTH_ID, AUTH_TOKEN)
print p.send_message(message)

The example above is written in Python. To learn more details, Check out our step-by-step tutorial.


SMS Notification Customer Testimonial by Anson T. from SpoonRocket   We use Plivo to send automated text messages and calls to our customers to confirm all of our deliveries.  

Anson T.

SMS features available out of the box

Features Details
Two-way SMS in 20 countries
Send SMS to 226 countries
Unicode .checkmark-in-table
Concatenated Messaging .checkmark-in-table
Delivery Report .checkmark-in-table
SMS Short Codes United States
SMS Short Codes Base Rate 40 messages/sec