PHLO - Visual Communication Builder for Your Voice and SMS Apps

In the age of agile development and rapid prototyping, spending weeks building communication application sounds redundant. In our continuous endeavor to simplify business communications, we created a whole new way of building communication apps - Plivo High Level Objects.

PHLO has drastically reduced lines of code & integration steps, thereby helping developers design collaboratively, build visually, and deploy instantly. But the journey has just started. We have been working with customers to add greater flexibility and hence improve overall product experience. The result - PHLO is now available in GA!

More feature on existing components

We have added several features on existing components to enhance how workflows could interact with your data.

  • The HTTP request component has by far received the most upgrades. More authentication options and support for static and dynamic URLs make interaction with your APIs or third-party resources extremely easy.
  • On the HTTP request component, you can parse multi-level JSON to interact with larger and more complex data.  
  • The branch component now automatically typecasts variables when comparing to ensure variables are correctly processed and helping you build better logic for your workflows.
  • Ability to assign PHLO to sub-accounts and have one PHLO trigger another, adds to account management and application logic for your end users.  

Fortified for scale and uptime

With PHLO we have taken away the hassle for you to deploy and maintain communication apps on your own. You don’t host your apps, we do. This convenience for you comes with added responsibility for us. We have engineered for reliability, quality and 99.95% uptime to make sure your apps scale with ease and do not go down, ever!  

Server-side SDK and debugging

We have added more ways to control your PHLO with API requests. You can now trigger your PHLO app via an API request using our SDKs in all supported languages. The multi-party call component has multiple triggers to asynchronously modify the states of the members on the call. You could now add members to a call, make state changes like mute, un-mute, transfer and disconnect a member and more. Achieve all these and more using a helper-library of your choice.

In addition, we have added more visibility on application logs in your account which results in better debugging and error correction.

A better way to build communication apps

With PHLO, Phone Menus, Prompts, SMS Menus, Conference Bridges, Call Forwarding, SMS Notifications - everything is a Component now. These Components, pre-packaged as templates, drastically reduce the lines of code required to create custom business logic. You can add your own custom code and create the unique communication application that’s relevant for your business — now with 80% less code.

Unlike visual application builders that only automate simple workflows for a limited set of use cases, PHLO introduces 100% functional parity with Plivo API & XML set, enabling all use-cases from simple ones like Order Notifications to complex ones like a fully-featured Call Center. PHLO also simplifies the integration and deployment pipeline so that you can ship more, faster.

PHLO runs on Plivo’s cloud infrastructure. This lets you focus on your actual business use case, rather than worrying about all the stuff under the hood.

Getting started with PHLO

The best way to get started with PHLO is to Sign Up and create your first PHLO. PHLO has everything you need to create your app in minutes. We’ve also put together a collection of use-case video tutorials to get you started quickly.

One last thing — the pricing

In addition to bringing in 100% Plivo-API support out-of-the-box, we are also making it FREE to build using PHLO. We truly believe this is how the communication capabilities of the future will be built.

Sign up and start building with PHLO today - and let us know what you think!

Have questions? Get in touch with an expert and request a live demo.

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