Why You Should Migrate Your SMS Services to a Twilio Alternative

Studies show that the vast majority of customers prefer to get transactional communications from businesses by SMS vs any other channel.

That’s why it’s critical you have an SMS API provider that offers you not only high-quality deliverability at global scale, but also the best pricing, feature set, and support to reach your customers. Is it time for you to reassess your SMS API provider?

Two options you should consider: Adding a redundant SMS API provider into the mix to ensure higher availability and uptime, or switching over completely to a Twilio alternative. Unsure which is the right decision for your unique situation? Consider the following factors, all of which drive companies to seek out a different partner:

  • Improved deliverability
  • Ease of migration
  • Proactive service engagement
  • Lower cost of ownership

Here, we’ll take a closer look at each factor and why a Twilio alternative like Plivo might be the upgrade your company needs.

Reason #1 to Switch to a Twilio Alternative: Improved Deliverability

Improved Deliverability

The quality of a provider’s carrier network connectivity and its reliability are vital. A provider is only as good as their carrier relationships, and if they don’t work with carriers in regions key to your business–or haven’t invested in network redundancies to protect service in those areas–you’ll want to explore secondary providers for those regions.

Plivo has fostered direct relationships with local carriers globally, which connects their customers to more than 1,600 carrier networks across 190+ countries. This robust carrier network ensures you can send messages anywhere in the world without worrying about coverage or deliverability.

By investing in the best infrastructure and global connections, Plivo offers its customers:

  • High SMS deliverability by avoiding aggregators and resellers and connecting directly to carriers.
  • Multiple local, in-country carriers for the best connections possible without a single point of failure.
  • Higher carrier quality thanks to a detailed evaluation process that ensures carriers meet and exceed benchmarks for highest deliverability.
  • No route blending to ensure a high quality of service that isn’t compromised by low-quality network routes.
  • Scalability via a distributed routing strategy and multi-vendor interoperability.
  • Instant phone number provisioning thanks to their bank of ready-to-use mobile, local, and toll-free numbers.

Reason #2 to Switch to a Twilio Alternative: Ease of Migration

Ease of Migration

No doubt, Twilio offers a solid SMS API platform, but other modern SMS API providers have optimized to build better, simpler documentation that makes it easy to setup and deploy an SMS application.

Plivo’s user interface and API are consistently recognized as being some of the best on the market. In the words of one developer, “The API is one of the best documented I’ve ever read.” And it’s true whether customers are migrating to Plivo entirely or using its services as a backup Twilio alternative.


Ease of use extends beyond how intuitive the web interface is. On third party review sites, Twilio customers report continued issues using the platform’s billing and payment system, searching and viewing transactional logs, and sorting large amounts of SMS data through the web interface.

Apart from the simple API, Plivo also offers built-in, visual templates that make complex workflow creation simple, easy to customize, and implement.

If you’re not ready to migrate entirely from Twilio, consider adding Plivo as a redundant API integration to mitigate risk of downtime or service failures in any region of the world. With full-feature parity, you’ll keep the functionality you need with a more economical price point and better customer service.

When you’re ready to migrate to Plivo, their familiar API constructs allow you to implement quickly with minimal learning curve.

Reason #3 to Switch to a Twilio Alternative: Proactive Service Engagement

Proactive Service Engagement

You need to be able to turn to your provider’s customer service team for timely support when you have questions about your SMS services or need help troubleshooting feature integration. Additionally, your provider’s support team should offer solution engineering during onboarding to ensure you have all the information around use case best practices.

If customer support isn’t readily available, issues can be prolonged, frustrating customers and jeopardizing revenue.

With a Twilio alternative like Plivo, companies can access timely and highly-rated customer support.

Quality SMS Provider

Not only will a quality SMS provider help you navigate technical issues, but they’ll advise you on how to build a program that best fits your business use case. Or, as one customer said of Plivo, “What makes a company stand apart is the after sales/customer engagement […] Kudos to the team.”

Plivo is known for really listening to its customers, and prides themselves on offering clients hands on customer engagement, whether you are adding their services to augment your Twilio program or are switching over entirely. Customers laud Plivo for it’s accessible and consultative solution advice not only as they’re getting started but also as they grow and scale.

Reason #4 to Switch to a Twilio Alternative: Cost of Ownership

Cost of Ownership

Look for a Twilio alternative that offers competitive pricing to maintain your total cost of ownership (TCO) or even improve it, while still guaranteeing full-feature parity.

Whether you’re choosing an alternative provider for your failover strategy, or looking to switch your primary SMS API, you’ll want to focus on reach and reliability first and foremost. But better SMS rates overall make the choice a lot easier.

Plivo promises customers best-in-class functionality and global coverage with lower cost of ownership.

Plivo offers better pricing than Twilio in all categories:

  • We promise lower phone number pricing than Twilio, saving customers as much as 20% for local and toll-free number types.
  • We offer better standard SMS pricing across all message types, including outbound and inbound local numbers and shortcodes (plus free inbound SMS).
  • We charge less for inbound and outbound MMS messages, saving customers 20% per MMS message.

That means that if sending, for example, 1 million messages via shortcode to customers in the U.S., your company would save approximately 40% by switching to Plivo. International pricing varies, but customers enjoy similar savings when they make the change, too.

SMS Pricing Comparison

Don’t Wait: Explore a Twilio Alternative Today to Save Costs & Deploy Quickly

Explore a Twilio Alternative

Customers love Plivo because they get the quality and features they’re used to with Twilio’s SMS API, but with better pricing, more attentive service, and–according to many of our users–better documentation and ease of use.

Thousands of innovative companies rely on Plivo’s global, enterprise-grade SMS API. Sign up for free today, or talk to one of our communications experts to learn more about how Plivo can support your business.

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