How to Handle SMS and Voice Communications Using Java

How to Handle SMS and Voice Communications Using Java

Plivo has a lot of great capabilities built into its cloud communications platform. If you’re a Java developer, this post is for you: Learn how easy it is to send and receive SMS text messages and make and receive voice calls with Java, the Plivo Java SDK, and Plivo APIs.

How to send and receive SMS messages

If you’re interested in messaging applications, Plivo’s cloud communications platform makes things easy for you. Sending an SMS message requires just 18 lines of code; receiving messages takes just 17, or you can create a Java application to receive and respond to SMS messages.

How to send and receive MMS messages

Sending MMS messages is equally simple, and we’ve written a guide to receiving and responding to MMS messages with Java.

How to get set up and make and receive phone calls

Start by reading how to make a phone call from a Java application using Plivo’s Voice API. That post covers how to install Plivo’s Java SDK, which makes it easier to build applications that use Plivo. The SDK provides objects, functions, and methods to handle common tasks associated with building voice and messaging applications.

Once you have that in place, you can use PHLO, Plivo’s visual workflow design studio, to set up the workflow of the call, then trigger the PHLO with a few lines of Java code.

Once you know how to use Java with Plivo to make and receive calls, you can move into specific use cases, such as call forwarding and interactive voice response systems.

More resources

From there, the sky’s the limit. We support you all the way with our Java SDK, Quickstart guides (which include help for developers who use the Spring and Spark frameworks), and more than a dozen use case guides, and if those aren’t enough, you can contact our support team for white glove support.

A journey of a thousand miles Plivo use cases begins with a single step: sign up for a free trial account today.

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