Introducing Zentrunk Inbound - Early Access Now Available

After releasing Zentrunk Outbound in January this year, we’re happy to bring you Zentrunk Inbound, which is now available for early access.

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) has been around for decades, but today it’s one of the most critical aspects of business voice communications worldwide. Why? Because more and more companies are migrating from outdated, analog PSTN phone systems to using the internet to make low-cost calls around the world with high reliability and instant scale.

What makes this migration both possible and painless is a Session Initiation Protocol or SIP trunking service. A SIP trunk is like a virtual phone line, enabling you to connect voice calls over the internet to anyone with a phone, anywhere in the world.

Zentrunk, Plivo’s cloud-based SIP trunking solution, is more than just another SIP trunking service. It’s SIP trunking with superpowers- instant provisioning of phone numbers, no limits on concurrent calls, no contracts or minimum spend, virtually unlimited global scalability and the fastest set-up you’ve ever seen.

And, today, Zentrunk’s full-service - inbound and outbound - SIP trunking solution is publically available for the first time. Here’s what you can expect:

Set-Up in Minutes

Zentrunk Sip

In just a few clicks, Zentrunk can plug into your existing cloud-based or on-premise infrastructure to easily expand your capacity, coverage and phone number inventory.

Through the self-service Plivo console, you can set up a trunk, link your numbers to the trunk and receive calls on your VoIP Infrastructure - all in under five mins. Zentrunk enables you to start receiving calls within minutes, with no waiting period or capacity restrictions.   Also, through the console, you’ll have a simple way to manage your trunks and to view Call Detail Records (CDR) so you can monitor usage at any time.  

Instantly Provision DID’s

Zentrunk Sip

The new inbound feature set we’ve added allows you to receive voice calls on your voice infrastructure from any PSTN phone number. With Zentrunk, you can instantly provision DID (direct inward dialing) phone numbers from our inventory of over five million numbers across more than 70 countries. Through the Plivo console, you can find and provision numbers to match your need – fixed, mobile, and toll-free – as well as get access to unlimited call capacity with every number.

Get Global Reach  

Zentrunk now facilitates both inbound and outbound calls globally. For global organizations, the ability to provide regional customers with a local number to call can improve engagement and build trust. Plivo partners with local carriers in 195 countries, so you can easily connect with customers around the world without having to navigate the complexity of carrier negotiations. Rest assured, we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.  

Pay as You Go

Whether you’re using inbound or outbound SIP trunking services, the payment structure is the same. You pay only for what you use. To get started, you don’t need to worry about long-term contracts, capacity planning, or channel limits. In addition, when it comes to scaling, Zentrunk makes it easy to add more capacity to your existing VoIP system without investing in additional infrastructure.    

Access Support 24/5

While SIP Trunking is relatively straightforward, you may have implementation questions or need to troubleshoot something, especially if you’re layering a SIP Trunking solution onto your existing PBX system. Remember, that Plivo that offers free support to all customers, 24/5.  

While SIP trunking first gained traction among cloud-native companies, it has rapidly become a solution for non-cloud-native companies as well. Across industries, companies looking for ways to modernize their call centers, conferencing services, PBX and phone systems have turned to SIP trunking to deliver a more cost-effective solution.

With the pace of technological innovation and the increasingly high expectations for speed to market, why settle for outdated, slow-moving, high-cost, locked-in contract type of services? Untether your organization and try Zentrunk, a more modern approach to SIP trunking.  

Get in touch with Plivo expert about whether Zentrunk is a good solution for your business.

Ready to get started? Check out ourZentrunk: SIP Trunking Getting Started Guide.

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