Announcing Call Insights for Voice API Platform

  • 04 Dec 2019

Voice call quality can usually be impacted by factors like unreliable network conditions. In addition, Voice calls often involve multiple call legs, and precise orchestration of the call flow with the help of REST APIs, XMLs and API Callbacks.

Troubleshooting voice call issues requires deep technical expertise and can be a very time-consuming task given all of the complexities involved. With the aim to change this, today we are announcing Call Insights that provide detailed statistics, actionable insights and powerful analytics for your Voice calls powered by the Plivo Voice API Platform.

Call Debug UI

In this release, we’re introducing an all-new Call Debug UI for easier troubleshooting of call setup and call quality issues.

The new Call Debug UI is packed with the following new insights


Call State Change Timeline: Initiation time, ring time, answer time, end time information intuitively displayed for every call, along with other basic details such as call type (VoIP or carrier), direction, and billing info.

Suspected Issues and Plivo Quality Score: A list of call quality issues suspected on the call, identified based on the audio quality stats collected for the call. Each call is also assigned a rating from zero to five (five being the best and zero being the worst) based on an analysis of audio quality metrics such as packet loss, jitter, and latency.


Call Relationships: Conversational use cases typically involve two or more parties bridged together and a distinct call leg connecting each party to the call. This section lists all the call legs that were ever connected with the given call. This helps to visualize the overall call flow. It also helps in isolating the source of call quality issues on calls involving multiple parties.

Call Hangup Cause and Hangup Source: Why a call hung up and who hung up the call is often the most important clue to debug a call issue. With over 35 precise Call Hangup Reasons and 7 possible Hangup Sources, the highly descriptive call hangup data makes it possible to pin-point the exact reason why a call was terminated.

Call Origination and Call Termination Details: In our aim towards complete transparency, all calls provide comprehensive information about the complete routing path taken by the call.

Client SDK Calls


Client SDK calls now include the geographic location of the endpoint as well as rich metadata about the device used to place the call.

Carrier Calls


Carrier calls, provide the media server location of Plivo’s infrastructure and the partner carrier. In addition, the location and end operator details are also provided based on the From/To number.

Audio Quality Stats: Audio quality is typically quantified by the following key metrics - Network Jitter, Packet Loss, Audio Level and Network Latency (Round Trip Time). While high Jitter on an audio stream could lead to distorted audio on the receiving end, a high network Round Trip Time (RTT) can result in delayed audio reception. Audio Quality Stats, per stream and for every call leg, are helpful in isolating the root cause of an audio quality issue reported by an end-user.


The above insights when looked at holistically make troubleshooting call issues easier and faster. To make debugging issues using this data easy, we’ve created troubleshooting guidesfor the most common call issues as reported by our users.

We hope you’re as excited about this release as we are. Do check out our docs for more details.

Proactive Alerts On Plivo Client SDKs


Plivo Client SDKs for the Web, iOS, and Android now come with the capability to monitor and alert on call quality and network conditions in real-time.

The SDKs emit distinct events for an array of network conditions that might be resulting in a sub-par experience on an ongoing call.

By altering the application experience based on these events you can take meaningful actions to turn a bad situation around for the end-user.

Upcoming Features

In the coming months, we plan to introduce the following new features to our Call Insights product.

Call Quality Feedback API: REST APIs and Client SDK functions to forward call quality feedback to the Voice Platform programmatically. Call quality feedback received via API will be made accessible on the console as part of Call Debug UI and aggregate call quality reports.

Event Timeline and API Logs v2: A detailed timeline of the entire call from initiation to termination, annotated with key events during the course of the call. Events such as call flow changes instrumented via API requests and XMLs, as well as events representing patches of degraded audio quality.

Call Reporting Dashboard and Proactive Alerts: Aggregated view of your Voice usage on the Voice platform. Actionable insights in the form of trends and correlations identified by marrying your CDRs with call quality stats, and network/geo metadata.

Call Insights API: Ability to access all the insights described above programmatically through REST APIs and ready to embed UI widgets.

Have a preference that you’d like us to pick up first? Want us to work on something which is not listed above? Let us know! Drop us a note at

Call Insights is currently in Public Beta. While in Beta, Call Insights is available to all Plivo customers at no extra cost. Upon General Availability of Call Insights, paid features of Call Insights will be priced as per pricing mentioned here.

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