Plivo 2013 Year in Review

Dec 13, 2013
Plivo 2013 Year in Review

Before we head into the new year, I wanted to send out a huge thank you to everyone who made our 2013 extra memorable. We reached some large milestones on both our product and business fronts and we couldn’t have done it without our customers and our dedicated team. All the feedback and contributions have helped us continue to push the envelope in service quality, reliability, and rich feature sets.

Here’s a summary of our main milestones in growth, product, and service, followed by a hint of what to expect in 2014.


Since Y Combinator Summer 2012, we’ve seen substantial growth, especially throughout 2013. To date, apps built on Plivo have made more than 2 billion API calls, and our customer base continues to grow. Our paying customer base has grown 400% since last year and we’ve experienced even higher growth for registered users. Needless to say, this has led to substantial revenue growth.

What’s even more important is that our team has grown to 28 people across two offices. We’re all excited to take on a list of launches and improvements.

Product and service

From the start, we dedicated ourselves to disrupting the telecom market, and we’ve been doing just that. We jump-started 2013 with the launch of our Plivo SDK, the first to let developers connect WebRTC and SIP. Since then, developers have been able to build in-browser apps for real-time video and audio chats. Amongst the other features we’ve launched is voicemail transcription and app demos within our Plivo console.

One of our core values is putting our customers first. At the heart of that is ensuring that our customers have an option to “bring your own carrier” and still use Plivo services. We also believe that all developers should have access to high-quality voice and SMS services at affordable prices, so late this year we reduced prices for Plivo services in USA and Canada. We also began letting people set up free trial accounts so everyone can have a full-featured Plivo experience.

2014 road map

Not to give away any spoilers, but 2014 is going to be an exciting time for us. We’re seeing the beginnings of unprecedented growth, and with that will come more features and improvements to our SMS coverage.

We’re growing, and so is our team, and we’re always looking for great people to help us shape the future of communications. Visit our jobs page to see what positions we have open.

See you in the new year,

Venky, co-founder at Plivo Inc.

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