Announcing Voicemail Transcription

Feb 27, 2013
Announcing Voicemail Transcription

About a month ago, we launched new transcription capabilities that enable enterprises and developers to build powerful applications, like true visual voicemail. With this update, recorded calls (in English) can be transcribed in two different ways:

  • Auto — done by a computer, fast (usually complete within five minutes)
  • Hybrid — recording is checked by a person, leading to much higher quality overall (usually complete within 20 minutes)

Currently, transcription support is for calls 120 seconds or less; however, we’re in the midst of extending that time to cover entire conference calls. Stay tuned for updates!

How to implement transcription

Transcription ties in with our recording features. Wherever you can record a call, you can transcribe it too — namely, via

All transcription uses the same set of parameters:

  • Transcription type: auto or hybrid, as discussed above
  • Transcription URL: the URL to which Plivo will send the transcription text once the call has been transcribed
  • Transcription method: the type of HTTP method — GET or POST — Plivo uses to send the request to the Transcription URL


  • Auto: $.05/minute
  • Hybrid: $0.35/minute

Check out detailed pricing for all of our services, and sign up for a free trial account today!

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