Announcing Voicemail Transcription

About a month ago, we launched new transcription capabilities that enable enterprises and developers to build even more powerful applications, like true visual voicemail.  With this update, recorded calls (in English) can be transcribed in two different ways:

1. Auto- strictly done by a computer, fast (usually complete within 5 minutes).
2. Hybrid- recording is checked by an actual person, leading to a much higher quality overall (usually complete within 20 minutes).  

Currently, transcription support is for calls 120 seconds or less; however, we’re in the midst of extending that time to cover entire conference calls. Stay tuned for updates!

How to Use
Transcription ties in with the recording features. What that means is that wherever there is a possibility to record a call, you can transcribe it too. The functionalities in Plivo that let you do this are:

1. Record API
2. Record XML
3. Conference API
4. Conference XML

With respect to transcription, all the features above use the same set of parameters:

1. Transcription type- auto or hybrid (as discussed above)
2. Transcription URL- This is the URL to which Plivo will send the transcription text once the call has been transcribed.
3. Transcription Method: This is the type of HTTP method used by Plivo to send the request to the Transcription URL. The valid values are GET or POST.

Auto: $.05/min
Hybrid: $0.35/min

Check out our detailed pricing for all services at, ping our 24/7 support at for more information, or sign up for an account today!

If you need a comparison, check out our Twilio Alternative page.

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