Announcing Improved Voice 2.0 Infrastructure

Since the beginning, we have been investing in our infrastructure because we knew that a quality backbone is key to providing our customers and their customers with a great user experience. And at the core of voice calling is its network; this is why, we are excited to announce:... Read more >

Factors Slowing Down Your Number Porting

Number portability may seem like a simple process on the surface, but it is surprisingly complex in the backend. Once your porting request is submitted to your new carrier, communication between your current and new carrier initiates a list of validations before the technical process can even begin.This process was put in place by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and Department of Telecommunication (DoT) to ensure that phone number ownership is properly validated before changing carriers.... Read more >

Plivo Payment UI Update

In order to improve our customer experience, we have moved the payment page into the accounts section of your Plivo user interface. Note that this does not affect your existing payment setup.... Read more >

CallRail and Plivo’s Voice API Turn Call Tracking Into Hyper-Intelligent Marketing

Powered by Plivo’s Voice API, CallRail not only tracks inbound phone call details (e.g., location, area code), CallRail can also automatically replace phone numbers on your websites with appropriate tracked phone numbers to make ROI calculations easier than ever. Currently serving 25,000 customers in over 300 area codes in the United States, CallRail was able to save significant Voice API costs after switching to Plivo.... Read more >

Branded Bridge Line Reimagines Conference Calling with Plivo Voice API

Plivo's Voice API is the backbone to many conference solutions and today, we are featuring a customer success story that brings true innovation to the industry. Branded Bridge Line is an enterprise-grade conference call solution that provides superior quality and advanced features for a conference line that's branded to your needs. The best thing is that the professional features unique to your business workflow including customized greetings, hold music, call security, etc., are included in affordable monthly plans. Powered by Plivo's Voice API, Branded Bridge Line currently offers toll-free access in more than 50 countries and growing.... Read more >