Introducing US Toll-Free SMS

Introducing US Toll-Free SMSWe are excited to announce that you can now enable all Plivo Toll-Free phone numbers in the United States for two-way SMS text messaging. As mobile phones take over how users access information, SMS leads the way in delivering time sensitive messages to all. This is why we have added Toll-Free SMS phone numbers as another method for your business to communicate to your customers.... Read more

How SMS Text Messaging Won the 2016 US Elections

How SMS Text Messaging is Powering the 2016 US ElectionsEver since the Federal Election Commission (FEC) approved the use of fundraising via SMS text message, SMS has become a main engagement tool for all presidential candidates. During the 2012 elections, Obama became the first presidential candidate to capitalize on the new “text-to-donate” option. In addition to fundraising, this 2016 election has witnessed the most extensive use of SMS by candidates including reminders of registration deadlines, key event highlights, and even helping voters find nearby polling stations.... Read more

Factors Slowing Down Your Number Porting

Factors Slowing Down Your Number PortingNumber portability may seem like a simple process on the surface, but it is surprisingly complex in the backend. Once your porting request is submitted to your new carrier, communication between your current and new carrier initiates a list of validations before the technical process can even begin.This process was put in place by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and Department of Telecommunication (DoT) to ensure that phone number ownership is properly validated before changing carriers.... Read more

Leveraging A2P SMS Text Messaging for Your Business

Leveraging A2P SMS Text Messaging for Your BusinessThe majority of consumers today depend on mobile devices to function in their daily lives, and it has become imperative for companies to evolve from desktop to mobile-first strategies. From marketing promotions to notifications, people demand fast and convenient communication. By integrating Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging into your business, you’ll be able to reach your customers directly with real-time alerts and receive instant feedback on products and services. This post focuses on the basics of A2P SMS text messaging and the common types of applications for your business; exemplifying the importance of this cutting-edge technology in modern business.... Read more

Announcing the Parse + Plivo Integration

Plivo Parse IntegrationParse is a powerful service provider that helps developers by-pass complex infrastructure and server maintenance when creating web and mobile applications. Many businesses using Plivo have launched apps using Parse, so to make things easier, we’ve provided a simple Parse integration that allows your Parse applications to send SMS text messages using Plivo. This means that Parse takes care of your entire backend (i.e., databases, performance, analytics, and scaling), while Plivo delivers your SMS text messages. Launching your app could literally be hours away.... Read more

Announcing the Plivo Helper Library
for Salesforce

Banner: Plivo Salesforce IntegrationWe are excited to announce that the Plivo Helper Library for Salesforce is now available. This means that adding high quality voice calling and SMS text messaging capabilities to your Salesforce and app is easier than ever. This Salesforce Helper Library allows new and existing Salesforce applications to leverage Plivo’s robust carrier network and access 1600+ networks worldwide, phone numbers in 8000+ area codes, free incoming SMS in 19+ countries, and experience an average savings of 48% compared to other cloud-communication services.... Read more

42% Price Drop in Outbound SMS Globally

Lowest Price Premium QualityThe Cloud SMS market is already disrupting the traditional telecom industry by giving businesses access to global networks without needing upfront costs and long-term contracts. With this price drop, Plivo will lead the market in quality and still be 30-70% cheaper than our closest cloud-based competitor. This means that an average business that spends $20,000 per month on carrier services will save $6,000 to $14,000 per month, which can add up to $168,000 in savings per year.... Read more

SMSmart Launches New App for Data-Free App Access

Banner: SMSmart allows access your favorite apps without using any data Many of our users find creative and unique ways to use our services. And ever so often, an app comes along that reboots how we use existing technologies. SMSmart is that type of app. When our mobile experience is synonymous with internet access, we often take our data connections for granted. But when we do inevitably cross into a dark zone, we realize how important it is to be connected. SMSmart brings us back to the basics and provides access to useful apps without data. All this is done through a unique UI supported by Plivo's SMS text messaging API.... Read more

Announcing New Partnership with
RCDevs Security Solutions

Banner: New Partnership with RCDevs Security SolutionsWe are pleased to announce a partnership with RCDevs to bring strong SMS authentication solutions to businesses of all sizes. RCDevs is an award winning security company that specializes in cost-effective enterprise security solutions including two-factor authentication, identity and access management, secure transactions and electronic signatures, and corporate cloud security. Like Plivo, our partners at RCDevs believe that high quality cloud solutions should be accessible to businesses of all sizes. Going forward, we will continue to work together to bring strong and affordable authentication technology to customers around the world.... Read more

Improved SMS Docs

Improved SMS DocsWe've had countless customers tell us that they love our product, but not everyone loves our documentation. As an infrastructure company, having great docs is just as important as boosting call quality and SMS delivery rates. This is why, as part of our focus on making our product the best that it can be, we’ve put together a small task force to improve our documentation. We hope that these improvements can help ensure that everyone (i.e., seasoned and novice developers) have a great experience with Plivo.... Read more

Two-way SMS Launching Out of Beta, Arrives in 19 Countries

Two-way SMS Launching Out of BetaLast year, we announced private beta for two-way SMS and free incoming SMS and after months of quality testing and routing optimization, we are happy to announce that Two-way SMS is out of beta for all customers. Now you can buy Plivo SMS phone numbers that send and receive SMS text messages in 19 countries using Plivo’s UI and API. Also, as for all of our SMS services (long code and short code), incoming SMS is always free of charge.... Read more

Free Incoming SMS for All US Short Codes and 46% Price Drop in Outbound

Free Incoming SMS for All US Short Codes and 46% drop in OutboundAfter launching Plivo 3.5 years ago, we were especially excited about cleaning up a market that was complex and hard to navigate. In an effort to bring more transparency, our goal has always been to bring you simplified pricing structures at carrier costs. This means, no hidden fees or complex tiered structures. Since then, we were able to make our SMS APIs even more affordable while delivering the best quality of service. Last year, we announced free incoming SMS in all of our coverage areas. This year, we want to take it one step further.... Read more

Improved Phone Number Inventory Search with New APIs

New Searchable Phone Number InventoryOur phone numbers are one of the most important products to our customers. Much like other businesses, a great inventory means always having phone numbers in stock that are readily available for provisioning, as well as providing a large diverse selection of local numbers around the world. However, it doesn’t just stop there.... Read more

AgileCRM SMS Integration for Mobile Marketing

AgileCRM SMS Mobile Marketing IntegrationMobile marketing campaigns have become a growing trend and a new avenue for marketers to target and engage customers. This channel has become one of the most powerful consumer touch-points because of its ability to increase customer retention and long-term loyalty through message personalization. Not only can marketers target users based on customer demographic, they can also provide unique product offerings based on location and in-app behavior.... Read more

Announcing the Winner of the Plivo Developer Challenge

In July, we launched the Plivo Developer Challenge, hoping to inspire the creationof cool new applications using our two-way SMS service. We’d like tothank everyone who applied; your participation was greatly appreciated.The contest is now closed and the results are in. We are happy to announce thatFizer Khan’s application Thikku takes our grand prize - a 16GB iPad Mini Retina.Our judges were impressed by Fizer’s innovative and universally beneficial directionsapp. The code for Thikku is open source and can be found here... Read more

3 Key Lessons on How we Became Profitable in Just 3 Years

Three exhilarating years - that’s how long it’s been since we first made ourmark in the world of Voice and SMS APIs. We’vecertainly come a long way since our inception, confidently striding in theright direction, scaling up our team from 4 to 30 members, and growing ourcustomer base at an unbelievable rate (by 400% in 2013alone). What a fantastic journey it’s been!Thinking back to when Mike and I co-founded the business, I can remember allthe ups and downs we’ve been through and the important lessons we’ve learntalong the way. Here are three that I believe had the greatest impact on ourgrowth and development as a company.... Read more

Conferencing Made Better with SMS & Text to Speech

Conference calling has never been easy. Even though Plivo solves the voicequality issue by providing clarity for up to 100 callers, most conferencingplatforms still have user interface problems. First, there’s the ominous PINcode. They are always too long and complicated and inevitably cause people tobe late. That’s why we’ve built a simple conference solution using Plivo’sWebRTC capabilities.... Read more

Announcing Free Incoming SMS For All

Incoming SMS is now free for all 20 countries and all future countries in Plivo’s coverage area.

Last month, we dropped prices for international voice: all incoming voice calls to all countries outside of USA and Canada are now 0.50¢/min. This includes all 49 countries where you can purchase Plivo local phone numbers. To continue in the tradition of passing benefits on to you, we are announcing a few more things that we hope will be game changers for your business.So without further ado, we are excited to announce:
1. Private beta for Two-way SMS in 18 more countries
2. Free incoming SMS to all countries (currently 20 and counting)We want you to build great businesses using Plivo, so why pay for incoming SMS when you don’t have to?... Read more