Voice API Platform

Programmatically control calls. Make, receive, manage and route calls around the world using the API thousands of businesses trust on.
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  • MedAssets
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Enable your app with Voice calling in minutes

Hit the ground running with out of the box templates and getting started guides
Alerts & Notifications

Send automated account alerts, dispatch notifications or reminders.

2-Factor Authentication

Secure your applications at scale by sending dynamic verification codes.

Call Tracking

Measure, track and route phone calls from your marketing campaigns.

Masked Phone Numbers

Connect buyers and sellers without revealing their actual identity.

Call Center

Enable browser based calling, call routing, IVRs and more.

Sales Automation

Empower sales teams to be more productive with prospects and customers.

Connect and control calls
globally to any type of device

Build powerful voice call workflows. Integrate voice calling in your web or mobile app. Call phones, SIP devices, mobile apps or any regular browser.

  • Any Phone Number

    Plays nice with your existing programming language of choice - Node, PHP, Java, Python, Ruby & Go.

  • Browser based web application

    Brand your SMS by customizing your sender ID using alphanumeric characters for your outbound messages in 140 countries.

  • SIP Trunk

    Use Shortcodes to send and receive large volumes of SMS with high throughput in the U.S.

  • Mobile application

    Send and receive SMS using Toll-free in US & Canada. Enable your existing toll-free number to do the same.

  • SIP Devices

    Use Shortcodes to send and receive large volumes of SMS with high throughput in the U.S.

Integrate multi-party calls or audio conferencing into your apps

Build advanced contact center and call conferencing calls flows with a globally
  • Call Transfer
  • Voice Transcription
  • Call Queueing
  • Call Whisper
  • Call Feedback API
  • Multi Party Calls
  • Music on Hold
  • Call Hunting
  • Dynamic Caller ID
  • Answering Machine Detection
  • Play pre-recorded audio on a call
  • Speak text on calls in 26 languages.
  • Interactive Voice Response Menus
  • Dual channel Recording & Storage

Premium Network


Our PoPs in 6 regions (California, Virginia, Singapore, Frankfurt, Sydney, Sao Paulo), means your calls are routed with lowest latency & highest voice quality.


Your voice calls are delivered using the one hop local in country carrier, directly connected with our nearest PoP for minimal latency & ensures no out-of-region audio looping.


Our intelligent data-driven routing engine ensures that all of our downstream carriers are prioritized in real time based on quality including Average Call duration.

Flexible pricing model for your needs

Pay-as-you-go competitive pricing

Pay for what you use when you start. No monthly commitments or contract.

Volume discounts as you scale

Avail custom pricing with volume discounts as you scale your usage.

The Plivo Difference


Pre-packaged templates for your use case reduces the amount of code required to integrate Voice and SMS in your applications.


Engineered for reliability, quality and 99.95% uptime. Our Premium network allows for crystal clear voice quality and improved SMS deliverability.


Enable the same app to communicate with anyone across 200+ countries and over 1,500 telecom networks. Scale to new markets in no time as you grow.


Competitive pricing from the start. Simple usage based pricing where you only pay for what you use. Avail volume discounts and custom pricing as you scale.