Voice API Pricing

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Volume discounts on committed spends as you scale.

Voice API PlatformVoice Calls
Number TypeTo Make Calls (Outbound)To Receive Calls (Inbound)
Local and Mobile CallsStarts at $0.0120/min View detailed network pricing$0.0085/min
Toll-Free CallsStarts at $0.0030/min$0.0210/min
Client SDK (browser, mobile) and SIP Calls$0.0030/min$0.0030/min
All calls are billed per 60-second interval. Download detailed pricing.
Number TypePricing
Add on ServicesAdd-On Services
Answering Machine Detection$0.0000/min
Call Insights
$0.0000 /min
$0.0025 /min
Call Recording$0.0000/min
Call Storage$0.0000/min
Automatic Speech Recognition$0.02/15 seconds
Call Transcription$0.0095/min
Conference Calls$0.0000/min
Multilingual Text to Speech$0.0000/min

Committed Spend Discounts

Get volume discounts on committed spends as you scale your usage.

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Detailed Network Pricing

Pricing per network group — Outbound calls
Network GroupPricing
Download Voice API pricing for all 190+ countries.
  • Inbound call pricing
  • Outbound call pricing
Inbound call pricing
Outbound call pricing
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