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Access High A2P Delivery Rates at a Fraction of Your Current Costs
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Built for Businesses

Toll-Free SMS is made for application-to-person (A2P) SMS and offers higher send rates than long code numbers.

Voice & SMS On the Same Number

Enable SMS on your existing US toll-free phone numbers and build a seamless branded customer campaigns.

Quick Provisioning

Search and purchase toll-free phone numbers instantly using Plivo's user interface or the Phone Number API.

Low Pricing

Robust Feature Set for All Your Business Needs

Plivo's powerful SMS API has all the features to scale businesses of any size.

Voice Enabled by Default

Use one number for voice and SMS. All Toll-Free SMS numbers can send and receive SMS messages as well as make and receive phone calls.

Message Queueing

Send high volume of messages with a single API request. We queue your SMS messages and deliver them for you.

Long SMS Concatenation

No more lost messages or manual chunking. Automatically split and reassemble messages longer than 160 characters (up to 1,600 characters).

Unicode Characters

Our SMS API supports Unicode UTF-8 to send and receive SMS text messages in any language including Chinese, Japanese, French, Arabic and 100+ other languages and symbol scripts.

Real Time SMS Alerts & Logs

Fetch your SMS logs in real-time and receive detailed information including message direction, message status, billing info, API log reports, and message time stamps, etc.

Handset Delivery Reports

Get real-time business intelligence from live handset delivery receipts from supported carriers. Quickly find out exact delivery statuses for all your SMS text messages sent.

The Plivo Advantage

We’ve built and optimized our network infrastructure so you don’t have to.

High Availability & Uptime
Plivo’s globally distributed 24/7 monitored and fully redundant infrastructure delivers a guaranteed 99.95% uptime and high SMS deliverability anywhere in the world.
Quality based routing
Our intelligent data-driven routing ensures that all of our routes are prioritized in real time based on quality including Average Call duration (ACD) and Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR). Unlike other carriers, we do not dilute or blend our routes.
Toll-Free SMS Use Cases
Local carriers
We eliminate hops between aggregators and resellers by connecting directly to carriers to ensure that your traffic goes through only the best carriers. Every toll-free carrier on Plivo’s network is pre-tested for high SMS delivery and clear audio quality including guaranteed CLI and DTMF, low Post Dial Delay (PDD), and high Mean Opinion Score (MOS).
Direct In-country Carrier Connections
Voice calls are delivered using the best local in country carrier, directly connected with our nearest PoP for minimal latency. We do not transcode between our servers and the carrier to minimize noise or delays on voice calls.
Toll-Free SMS Use Cases
Best-in-Class Network Security
We have used the best security practices and policies to ensure that our network is secured both physically and virtually. Backup encryption and account access limitations also mitigate risk and threats to our customer data.
Redundant On-net and Off-net Failover
All systems in our infrastructure are architected for failover with either active/active or active/standby pairs for immediate and stateful failover in case of failure. We also connect with at least 3 local carriers in each region. In the case of carrier outages or quality issues, our systems automatically failover over to active carriers.
Toll-Free SMS Use Cases
24/7 Emergency Support for Free
Every Plivo account receives 24/7 emergency support at no extra cost. Our support team works around the clock during business hours in each region to ensure that your tickets are always responded to.
99.95% Uptime SLA
By default, we guarantee all of our customers 99.95% uptime. Custom SLAs such as direct phone support, or dedicated after-hours support are also available.
Disaster Recovery
All of our PoPs are Geo Redundant. In the rare case of complete failure within a region or PoP, our systems will automatically failover to the nearest PoP.
Toll-Free SMS Use Cases

Industries already using Plivo's Toll-Free SMS

Engage with your customers instantly and effectively.

Online Retail

Improve your margins by engaging customers in two-way SMS text messaging contests, promotions, as well as improve customer service and customer loyalty through timely location-based loyalty reward campaigns.

Marketing & Media

Build high-impact promotional campaigns that targets your customers in real-time. Some of our customers are using SMS to deliver time-sensitive info including flight reservation reminders and point-of-sale campaigns.

Financial Services

Enable two-factor authentication via SMS text message and protect your customers with an additional layer of security for any type of customer transaction including account activity alerts, money transfers, and bill payments.


Enhance patient experiences and rapport by improving healthcare communication, reducing appointment no-shows with SMS alerts, delivering time critical emergency health services, and optimizing public health campaigns.

Customer Service

Create the best customer care experience by providing tailored loyalty programs, accelerating support ticket responses, gathering product feedback, and sending timely order notifications all via SMS text messages directly to the customer’s mobile phone.

Transportation & Logistics

Optimize complex logistics and virtually any process that requires instant communication by using SMS text messages. Including, rideshare coordination, tracking supply chain inventory levels, order confirmations, shipment delivery, product returns and recalls.