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Experience consistently high message delivery and open rates at any volume or send rate.

SMS API Platform
Number Pools for infinite scale
Number Pools for Infinite Scale
Distribute your messages across a group of phone numbers (long code and short code) for improved delivery and scale. Grow your number pool as your business grows.
Sticky Sender for a consistent experience
Sticky Sender for a Consistent Experience
Engage with your customers using a consistent recognizable phone number and ensure a personalized experience while maintaining conversation history.
Smart Queueing
Smart Queueing for Carrier Compliance
Automatic smart queuing along with source number-based rate limiting keeps you compliant with country-specific volume restrictions and related rate limits.
Local Connect for higher open rates
Local Connect for Higher Open Rates
Users are more likely to open and respond to messages that come from local phone numbers they recognize. Automatically send messages using local area codes.
Powerpack Features
Faster Time to Market
  • Intelligent Traffic Distribution
    Evenly distribute your outbound SMS and MMS traffic across phone numbers in your number pool. In-country numbers are given higher priority by default.
  • Source Number Queueing
    A dedicated rate-limiting queue per source number ensures that you never exceed the per-number message sending rates applicable in the US and Canada.
  • Priority Select
    Priority-based selection of short codes and automatic fallback to long code numbers based on destination.
  • Intelligent Message Encoding
    Automatically replace Unicode characters with similar GSM characters to ensure message delivery to destination networks that don’t support Unicode.
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