Best Practices for Voice Calling with the Plivo Voice API

Plivo’s Voice API lets you integrate voice calling with your company’s software programs. When you integrate our Voice API with your code, you can use data and web-based applications to make contact over the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and reach landline phones, mobile devices, SIP endpoints, and even web browsers.

Plivo isn’t the only voice API on the market. This guide is meant to help you select a high-quality voice API provider with a top-notch feature set, carrier network, and infrastructure.

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background-image Best Practices for Voice Calling with the Plivo Voice API
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Voice APIs let businesses do more than make bulk calls — they offer capabilities like interactive voice response, call recording, and transcription services, as well as sophisticated techniques like number masking, where you connect two parties without either being able to see the other’s phone number. If you aim to harness the power of voice technology to its fullest, this guide is your key to unlocking that potential. It has something to teach you whether you’re looking to replace your current voice API platform or add a new one to gain fault tolerance or rate optimization. You’ll find specific suggestions about what to look for in terms of:

  • What You Can Do with a Voice API
  • Number Type Pros and Cons
  • Prohibited Calling Practices
  • Fostering Responsible Communications
  • Six Criteria to Use to Evaluate Voice APIs
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