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Thousands of businesses in India trust Plivo’s messaging and voice APIs for their business communications.


Plivo’s Premium Communications Network offers the best possible connections worldwide ensuring high deliverability.


Plivo offers superior onboarding and support.


Plivo offers global coverage to 190+ countries.

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Thanks for your interest in Plivo. We have two account options available to meet customers’ varying needs:

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  • Committed spend agreement: guided implementation, premium support options, and discounted rates. These packages involve an annual contract starting at $750 a month.
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“Support has been really, really good, even before we signed a contract. When we had an issue, it was fixed in two to three hours. Now that we have a contract, we get support for production issues as soon as possible.”


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Plivo’s Text Messaging API and Voice API let organizations programmatically send and receive text messages, make voice calls, implement browser and app-based calling, and send voice OTPs.

Plivo’s Text Messaging API and Voice API let organizations programmatically send and receive text messages, make voice calls, implement browser and app-based calling, and send voice OTPs.

Two-factor authentication

Secure your apps with one-time passwords

Text marketing

Engage customers and prospects.

Number masking

Anonymize communication between two parties.

Speech analytics

Analyze voice calls to detect emotions and sentiment.

Alerts and notifications

Send critical information to customers.


Enable website users to call sales or support directly.

IVR and autoresponders

Build powerful menus to route calls intelligently.

Call forwarding

Send calls to your home or office.

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Supports sending messages and making voice calls to 190+ countries.


Enterprise-ready Premium Communication Network maintains 99.99% uptime.


Superior onboarding with a dedicated solutions architect guiding your integrations.


Provides industry-leading support service options, including via ticket, Slack, and phone.


Competitive and scalable volume-based discounts and pricing options available.


Offers option to pay in INR.


Not an aggregator — provides direct connectivity  with telcos in 100+ countries, including India.

Looking for a Bandwidth alternative?</br>See the Plivo difference

Frequently asked questions

Why should I register for a Sender ID?

While it’s not mandatory, Plivo recommends registering a sender ID. Messages sent without a registered sender ID are sent with a generic identifier such as “SMS” or “INFO.”

How can I perform required DLT registration?

DLT stands for distributed ledger technology. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) requires any entity who wants to send SMS to register in order to curb unsolicited commercial communication (UCC). Required information includes organizational details, message headers and templates, and required consent information.

Read our guide How to Complete DLT Registration for Sending Text Messages in India for information about the process.

Can I rent a local Indian number?

Yes, by visiting our Buy Numbers page. See pricing information.

How can I get local pricing when sending messages to India?

Go through the DLT registration process and register a sender ID. Customers that fail to register and use generic sender IDs are charged international pricing for messages sent.

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