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CNAM Lookup Charges

AUTHOR: The API team

CNAM, or caller ID name, is a feature in the US public telephone network that associates business and personal phone numbers with names. It allows callers to see the name associated with a phone number when they receive a call. The carrier from whom a number has been subscribed adds the CNAM information to CNAM repositories collectively referred to as the line information database (LIDB). When someone receives a call, their carrier queries the LIDB and displays the assigned caller name.

Plivo provides CNAM lookup services on US phone numbers for inbound voice and Zentrunk calls. We’ve documented how to configure CNAM lookup on your US phone numbers.

If you have CNAM lookup enabled for a US phone number, you’ll be charged every time you receive an inbound call on that number, irrespective of the lookup result. See our Voice pricing page for CNAM lookup pricing or the console voice pricing page.

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