Carrier Reliability and Management
Overview of Plivo's Carrier Network

Plivo works directly with local carriers in over 100 countries to connect to over 1600 carrier networks around the world. This direct interconnection with local telecom operators allows anyone to make calls and send SMS to every country in the world without routing dilution or blending. At Plivo, we work with businesses to provide the best routes and international coverage with latency free sub 20 millisecond (ms) access to international carriers at the lowest prices.

Carrier network connectivity and reliability are essential to the quality of any communications platform. Voice clarity, latency, and SMS delivery rates all depend on how your platform is connected to the carriers that help deliver your call or text message. We are proud to provide our customers with the best possible connections world-wide with added advantages:

  • Plivo’s Advantage of Local In-country Carriers: We connect with multiple carriers in each country to give our customers the best connection possible, while eliminating single points of failure.

  • High Carrier Quality: Our rigorous carrier evaluation process ensures that our network only connects to carriers that have met the highest industry standards.

  • No Route Blending: Unlike other carriers, we maintain a high quality of service on all of our routes without blending in low quality routes.

  • Carrier Redundancy: Our networks connect to multiple local carriers in each country to eliminate single points of failure.

  • High SMS Deliverability: We eliminate hops between aggregators and resellers by connecting directly to carriers to bring our customers high SMS delivery rates all over the world.

  • Low Latency & Clear Calls: Our optimized dedicated servers and intelligent call routing system ensures minimum latency and noise.

  • Scalability: We use a distributed routing strategy and multi-vendor interoperability to eliminate single points of failure and provide flexibility and scalability.

  • Guaranteed CLI: Our networks offer Calling line identification (CLI) to 90% of all global destinations to provide our customers with the best user experience.

  • Instant Phone Number Provisioning: Order ready-to-use phone numbers instantly from one of the largest diversity of phone numbers that spans mobile, fixed, and toll-free numbers.

Our dedicated carrier management team also offers End-to-end Carrier Relationship Management and Expertise in Local Regulations at no extra cost. Not only do they manage all of our phone number inventory, the carrier team also negotiates carrier contracts on your behalf, to get you the best possible prices.

Plivo’s Advantage of Local In-country Carriers

The quality of a carrier network can be measured by its breadth (i.e., total coverage area) and depth (i.e., the number of hops it takes to get from the local in-country carrier to your network). At Plivo, we not only have coverage of the entire globe, but we also connect to a minimum of 2 local carriers in each country to give our customers the best connection possible and here’s why.

Often times, networks focus too much on the total number of coverage countries supported and not enough on the quality of those connections. Communication platforms can more easily access global coverage by connecting with a few Tier-1 carriers, but even then, quality of the connection is not guaranteed. In the best case scenario, your Tier-1 carriers are connected directly with a local in-country carrier (i.e., a company that is authorized by regulatory agencies to operate a telecommunications system in that country). Local carriers is essentially the best carrier connection a company can achieve without becoming a carrier themselves. Therefore, a connection with a Tier-1 carrier is often a “one-hop” connection. Remember that call quality will deteriorate significantly with each additional hop.

Large Tier-1 carriers often connect to local carriers through a wholesale market, in which routes are interconnected with other carriers through a point of presence (PoP). Typically, these PoPs are not available in every country, instead they are positioned strategically in high traffic areas to service large geographic regions. This means that a local call to another local number will have to be routed to the closest PoP, which may in fact be outside of the country. This can cause significant latency and call quality issues.

For example, if you are connected to a Tier-1 carrier that offers coverage in Australia, but the closest PoP for that carrier may be outside of the country (e.g., in Hong Kong). Therfore, local calls within Australia will be routed to Hong Kong before being routed to the receiver back in Australia. This unnecessary routing, can add at least 130 ms of latency to local calls, which will significantly reduce call quality.


Direct Carrier Reliability

Plivo is connected directly to local carriers in each country. This means that we eliminate multiple hops, least cost routing, and reduced latency because your local calls never leave the country. Our carrier networks also have built-in redundancy to ensure that in the unlikely event of a carrier failure, our traffic is automatically routed through alternative carriers to minimize service disruption and quality degradation.

High Carrier Quality

Not all carriers are created equal. That’s why Plivo only connects to the best local carriers in each country. Our strict evaluation process approves only the carriers that have met the highest industry standards. In addition to standard interoperability (i.e., compatibility) testing to ensure that all systems work together seamlessly, we also utilize tools that battle test carrier bandwidth with simulations of real-time traffic to evaluate service quality.

No Route Blending

Some service providers claim that blending routes (i.e., combining services from multiple sources) improve reliability and ensure uptime. However, often times, services providers blend high quality routes with low quality routes, which delivers quality inconsistencies. As a result of our strict carrier approval processes, alternative routes maintain the same high quality of service as our primary routes.

Carrier Redundancy

We aim to connect to multiple carriers in each country to ensure that there is no single point of failure. At a minimum, we connect to at least 2 local carriers in each country. In case 1 carrier fails, our systems automatically load balance and diverts traffic through other reliable carriers. At Plivo, we ensure that we only use the best routes and practice other methods, such as carrier redundancy, to guarantee the best quality.

High SMS Deliverability

Our carrier directs and optimized routing ensures high SMS delivery rates and low latency. We cut out middlemen by connecting directly to carriers and eliminating hops between aggregators and resellers to bring you a 98% delivery rate for SMS. This delivery rate is a high industry standard because it also accounts for unrelated delivery factors including incorrect or non-existing phone numbers, lack of network coverage or handsets that are simply turned off.

Low Latency & Clear Calls

Plivo’s carrier network is backed by our robust infrastructure that runs on dedicated servers, not virtual machines. Our optimized bare-metal servers also perform minimum transcoding to codecs to reduce latency and noise on voice calls.


Plivo’s intelligent call routing system also ensures that all traffic is sent over the most reliable routes in a distributed manner. Unlike centralized routing, distributed routing eliminates single points of failure and provides flexibility and scalability due to multi-vendor interoperability (i.e., system compatibility).

Guaranteed CLI

The ability to identify the caller’s phone number is critical for businesses because it helps identify customers before answering the call and can provide call back numbers if the call isn’t answered. At Plivo, we offer Calling line identification (CLI) to 90% of all global destinations to provide our customers with the best user experience.

Instant Phone Number Provisioning

Plivo’s direct carrier connects gives us instant access to one of the largest diversity of phone numbers that spans mobile, fixed, and toll-free numbers. Our inventory automation system also adjusts to dynamic inventory depletion rates and forecast for future inventory size.

End-to-end Carrier Relationship Management

Plivo’s dedicated carrier management team works hard to negotiate on your behalf to get you the best possible routes with latency free sub 20 millisecond (ms) access to international carriers at the lowest prices. Our continued growth means that we are able to leverage increases of voice and SMS traffic to constantly negotiate for more direct connections to Tier-1 carriers, which gets you even better pricing and quality of service. We manage carriers end-to-end so you can focus on growing your company.

Carrier Contracts

We negotiate, maintain, and renew complex contracts and relationships with 100’s of carriers around the globe. Every direct local carrier connection is a huge boost for voice quality and SMS deliverability. As we cut out resellers and aggregators, we also eliminate practices that degrade quality of service such as routing dilution, blending, and least-cost routing.

Pricing Negotiations

The constant growth of our voice and SMS traffic helps us constantly negotiate for better prices and connections with local carriers around the world. Our expert carrier team also navigates complex contract terms on your behalf, so that we can continue to provide flexible low pay-as-you-go terms for all of our customers.

Inventory Management

Ensuring availabilities for a large diverse inventory of mobile, fixed, and toll-free phone numbers in 50+ countries and 8000+ area codes. We currently have SMS phone numbers in 19 countries and voice phone numbers in 55 countries with access to 8000+ area codes.

Regulatory Compliance

Helping you adhere to local regulatory and legal requirements in all countries so that you can get your web or mobile app up and running in no time. Our dedicated porting and phone number team ensures that all customers with new and existing phone numbers can start using Plivo with minimal service disruptions.

Expertise in Local Regulations

Plivo’s extensive local knowledge helps customers navigate complex carrier regulations and limitations within each country to ensure that your calls and SMS text messages are delivered. Below are two examples of many local regulations that we help our customers navigate through. This way, our customers can go live with their web or mobile application with minimal delays.

Example 1:
Buying a Phone Number in Germany

Buying a phone number in Germany requires that you provide a valid address in the region of the phone number when ordering and recent proof that you reside in that address. These documents can be a utility bill, credit card bill, or a bank statement and should be dated within 6 months of your phone number application. Companies that don’t have local addresses, can order a German toll-free phone number, which has no such address requirements.

Germany Local

Example 2: Sending Text Messages in India

In India, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) only allows unsolicited commercial communication (UCC) including transactional, promotional, messages to be sent between 9am and 9pm IST. Messages sent by registered telemarketers, transactional messages and social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and GooglePlus are exempt from these regulations.

India Local