What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) protects organizations and individuals from unauthorized data access by requiring an additional level of authentication to ensure that a password has not been compromised. Common 2FA types include one-time passwords (OTP) sent through a separate communication channel, biometric factors such as a fingerprint, retina scan, or facial or voice recognition to confirm that only authorized users log in, or an authenticator app or hardware token that provides a time-sensitive code. 

Plivo’s two-factor authentication offering is a reliable, scalable phone number authentication solution in a single API. Our customers rely on Plivo 2FA to secure accounts, prevent takeovers, and protect high-value transactions via SMS or voice-based OTP authentication.

Why should I implement 2FA?

Security best practices call for organizations to use 2FA before permitting users to access their digital assets. With account takeovers on the rise, passwords alone can’t provide the level of security you need. The theory is that having a separate, unconnected authentication channel makes it difficult for malicious actors to compromise secure systems.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted many customers and employees to remote, mobile, virtual, or distributed intersections, which makes it even more important to implement effective 2FA.

How does Plivo 2FA work?

  1. When a user signs up or logs in to a customer’s application, the application calls the Plivo API. 
  2. The Plivo API sends a numeric code to the user’s mobile device either via SMS message or voice call. Our APIs sync these codes with the customer’s application to authenticate the login, even when a device is offline.
  3. The person with the mobile device enters the verification code they received into the app.
  4. The app verifies that the code is the same as the one that was sent, and if it is, gives them full access. 

Why should I choose Plivo as my 2FA provider?

Plivo customers assure the security of their cloud platforms and enable users to access their accounts and files from multiple devices thanks to our ability to provide consistent high deliverability of time-sensitive 2FA SMS and voice calls. 

To ensure timely delivery, Plivo leverages deliverability reports from a global network of test nodes and our Feedback API, enabling us to proactively route messages to the most effective carrier. We offer senders a direct route to end users, with a one-hop maximum, and without route dilution or blending. Users can make calls and send SMS messages to every country in the world, avoid delays, and avoid paying for repeated, undelivered messages. 

Click here to learn more or get started with Plivo 2FA 

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