Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for the Plivo Console

May 30, 2018
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for the Plivo Console

You can now protect your Plivo user credentials using two-factor authentication. 2FA provides an additional level of security by asking for a unique verification code that Plivo sends to your mobile device when you log in into your account. Using 2FA to secure your account is optional, but we recommend doing so to better protecting your customer and transaction information.

We support text messaging (SMS) as the primary method for 2FA, and plan to add support for voice calls and mobile app-based one-time passwords (OTP) going forward.

How 2FA works on the Plivo console

2FA applies every time a user logs in to their account. After the user enters a username and password, they are requested to enter a verification code if 2FA is enabled for the user. A six-digit verification code is sent to the user’s verified phone number via an SMS message, and this verification code should be entered in the appropriate console screen.

Enabling Two Factor

Enabling 2FA for your account

You can enable two-factor authentication from the Security page of the console, under Settings. The account must have a verified phone number on the user’s profile to use 2FA.

Verification Process

A verification process is triggered if a verified phone number is not available. To verify the phone number, we send an OTP to your phone number to be entered in the appropriate screen.


Enable 2FA to keep your accounts secure.

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