Introducing US Toll-Free SMS

We are excited to announce that you can now enable all Plivo Toll-Free phone numbers in the United States for two-way SMS text messaging. As mobile phones take over how users access information, SMS leads the way in delivering time sensitive messages to all. This is why we have added Toll-Free SMS phone numbers as another method for your business to communicate to your customers.

Our Toll-Free phone numbers use the same powerful SMS API as our SMS Long Codes and SMS Short Codes. This means that you can rest assured that Plivo is helping you deliver text messages with the lowest latency, highest delivery rates, and most affordable prices in the market. And since it’s a Toll-Free phone number, voice calling is already enabled by default. This makes it easy to create SMS campaigns on your existing Toll-Free phone numbers without migrating subscribers to a new phone number.

Toll-Free SMS is also built with A2P (Application-to-Person) traffic in mind. That is, any business can now send A2P text messages without disruption on any Toll-Free phone number in the US. You no longer need to worry about disruptions on your Long Code phone numbers. Toll-Free numbers can also be instantly provisioned and enabling your phone numbers for SMS is easy. Instead of waiting months for a SMS Short Code to be enabled, you can start sending your first Toll-Free message within 48 hours upon a simple approval process. Below is a comparison between our two A2P SMS phone number offerings in the United States:

FeaturesShort Code
Toll-Free SMS
Accepted Traffic TypeApplication-to-Person (A2P)Application-to-Person (A2P)
Price per Month$ 1,000 - $1,500$ 1.00
Additional Network FeesExtraFree
Application Process12 Weeks2 Days
Voice EnabledNoYes
Handset Delivery ReportsNoYes
Two-way SMSYesYes
Long SMS ConcatenationYesYes
Unicode CharactersYesYes
Message QueuingYesYes
Real-Time SMS Alerts & LogsYesYes

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