Introducing the Plivo Changelog

Mar 13, 2023
Introducing the Plivo Changelog

One of the nice things about SaaS software is that it’s always up to date — unlike software that’s installed on-premises, which has to wait for vendors to make new releases and administrators to install them. When you use a SaaS platform like Plivo, you get to take advantage of the very latest features every day, and bugs get fixed immediately — no waiting around for Patch Tuesday.

If you’re curious about what’s changing with Plivo, consult the Plivo changelog. It shows, in reverse chronological order, exactly what features became available on what dates. We’ve backfilled it with entries for most of this year — we figure you won’t be curious about changes from further back.

How does this help you? Well, suppose you notice something different about a console screen. Is it a new feature, or have you just not visited that page in a while? Now you can go to the changelog and find out.

Or suppose you’re trying to do something for the first time, and it’s not working properly. Are you making a mistake, or did we just update some functionality and cause a problem? By looking at the changelog, you can gather information that might help you zero in on a solution.

What’s on the changelog

When you visit the changelog you’ll see two tabs. The primary tab, Announcements, has blurbs about new features, bug fixes, and product updates. The second tab, Roadmap, tells you about beta software programs we have in progress, so you know what’s coming and can get an early look at it. You can even subscribe to a beta announcement, and we’ll send you a message whenever we have news about it, including when the beta software goes into production. You can also subscribe to the changelog as a whole, should you want to be alerted to any and all Plivo product news.

Changelog announcements are tagged with the aspect of the Plivo the announcement covers — SMS API, Voice API, Zentrunk, and so on. You can also use a search box to get right to whatever feature you’re interested in.

Another changelog page feature lets you leave feedback for us. Your suggestions and complaints go directly to our product marketing manager, who coordinates and prioritizes the work of our product managers.

Take a video tour

More of a video person? Here’s a quick tour for you.

Either way, check out the new changelog, and while you’re there, why not subscribe to it so you can stay abreast of Plivo product news. And if you have any suggestions about the new page, or about anything in Plivo, use the feedback feature to tell us about it.

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