Opencall launches World’s First Open Source Call Tracking Platform

We love seeing what people are building on Plivo. Today, we’re featuring acool app that’s disrupting the Call Tracking industry. Check it out!Introducing Opencall – the world’s first open sourcecall tracking platform, launched on March 31st after 8 months of privatelyfunded development.... Read more >

Call Tracking - How to choose Call Tracking software

There is a lot of information on the web about what CallTracking is. But, there are fewarticles on how one should go about choosing the right Call Tracking softwarefor their business. In this post, we will briefly explain what Call Trackingis, why you should care and how you should go about choosing one for yourneeds. If you are already familiar with the concept, you can jump straight tothe ‘How to choose the best Call Tracking software for you?’ section of thepost below....

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