The Brand object


    addressPostal address indicated during brand creation.
    authorized_contactAuthorized contact information indicated during brand creation.
    brand_idUnique identifier for the brand created.
    brand_typeType of registration indicated during brand creation.
    company_nameLegal name of the company
    einEmployer Identification Number associated with a Standard brand.
    ein_issuing_countryISO alpha-2 code for the country that issued the EIN.
    entity_typeType of ownership indicated during brand creation.
    profile_uuidUnique identifier for the profile used to create brand.
    registration_statusIndicates status of brand.
    verticalCompany industry.
    vetting_scoreVetting score assigned to brand by TCR. Not applicable for Starter brands.
    vetting_statusVetting status of a brand. Not applicable for Starter brands.

    Example Object

       "brand": {
           "address": {
               "city": "New York",
               "country": "US",
               "postal_code": "10001",
               "state": "NY",
               "street": "123"
           "authorized_contact": {
               "email": "",
               "first_name": "John",
               "last_name": "Doe",
               "phone": "+12125557777",
               "seniority": "admin",
               "title": "Doe"
           "brand_id": "BCDEF1G",
           "brand_type": "STANDARD",
           "company_name": "ABC Inc.",
           "ein": "111111111",
           "ein_issuing_country": "US",
           "entity_type": "PRIVATE_PROFIT",
           "profile_uuid": "09849948-656a-41a2-99da-8370251c804b",
           "registration_status": "COMPLETED",
           "vertical": "ENERGY",
           "vetting_score": 80,
           "vetting_status": "ACTIVE"