To build a PHLO and link it to the endpoint


    1. On the top navigation bar, click PHLO. The PHLO page will appear and display your existing PHLOs if any. If this is your first PHLO, then the PHLO page will be empty.
    2. Click CREATE NEW PHLO to build a new PHLO.
    3. On the Choose your use-case window, click Build my own. The PHLO canvas will appear with the Start node.
      Note: The Start node is the starting point of any PHLO. You can choose between the four available trigger states of the Start node; Incoming SMS, Incoming Call, and API Request. For this PHLO, we will use the Incoming Call trigger state.
    4. From the list of components, on the left-hand side, drag and drop the Call Forward component onto the canvas. This will add a Call Forward node onto the canvas.
    5. Connect the Start node with the Call Forward node, using the Incoming Call trigger state.
    6. Configure the Call Forward node to select the From number using a variable. Enter all the numbers you wish to call in the To field, separated with commas.
    7. Once you have configured a node, click Validate to save the configurations.
    8. After you complete the configurations, click Save.
      Your PHLO is now ready.
    9. On the top navigation bar, click Voice and then click Endpoints.
    10. On the Endpoints page, click Add New Endpoint.
    11. In the Add New Endpoint section, select your PHLO from the list of PHLOs.
    12. Enter your user details and then click Add Endpoint.
      Your endpoint is created and linked to your PHLO.