Managing WhatsApp Templates

As you are aware, businesses can only initiate messages to their users on WhatsApp using templates which are approved by Meta. You can manage this process here

Do note, template approval can take upto 24 hrs. This entire process is managed by you with Meta directly. You can also view your Meta templates on Plivo Console. By clicking on ‘Sync Templates ..’ button, you can fetch the latest template details from Meta. This view also gives you visibility into why your users are blocking your messages. For maintaining your account quality, you should look at ‘top block reason’ and address the root causes driving this. 

Template Creation

You can create new templates from your WhatsApp Manager. You can create 3 types of templates

  • Utility templates
  • Marketing templates
  • Authentication templates

Templates can take upto 24 hrs for approval. We recommend you to stick to template guidelines for a faster turnaround. Once created, these templates can be synced with Plivo console. You can only send messages using templates which are in ‘approved’ state. 

The template category will determine your conversation type for business initiated outbound WhatsApp messages. You can read more about this here

Template category (along with WABA currency) also determine how your conversation would be charged. More on Meta pricing here