The AccountPhoneNumber object


number string

The phone number.

alias string

Alias for the phone number.

subaccount string

The sub-account to which the phone number is associated. If phone number belongs to the main account, this value will be null.

added_on string

The date on which the number was rented to the account. Format: YYYY-MM-DD

application string

The application linked to the number.

carrier string

The carrier linked to the phone number. This can either be a Plivo carrier or an Incoming Carrier that you've added.

region string

The region (city and country) of the phone number.

number_type string

The type of the number. Can be local, fixed, tollfree, mobile and national.

monthlyrentalrate string

The monthly rental fee for the phone number, in USD.

sms_enabled boolean

Indicates whether the phone number can receive SMS.

sms_rate string

The cost (per SMS) of receiving an SMS on the number, in USD.

voice_enabled boolean

Indicates whether the phone number can receive calls.

voice_rate string

The cost (per min) of receiving a call on the number, in USD.

resource_uri string

URI to the account phone number resource.


  "number": "17609915566",
  "alias": null,
  "sub_account": null,
  "added_on": "2014-02-14",
  "application": "/v1/Account/MAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/Application/29986316244302815/",
  "carrier": "Plivo",
  "region": "California, UNITED STATES",
  "number_type": "local",
  "monthly_rental_rate": "0.80000",
  "sms_enabled": true,
  "sms_rate": "0.00000",
  "voice_enabled": true,
  "voice_rate": "0.00850",
  "resource_uri": "/v1/Account/MAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/Number/17609915566/"