The New and Improved Plivo Console

From our product design to our documentation, everything we do is designed to help you simplify your business communications, including the way you get set up, how rapidly you deploy, and how you manage the day-to-day operations. And, that driving force applies to the Plivo Console as well.

That’s why we’re launching an update to the Plivo Console, which includes changes to both the information architecture and UI. The key architecture changes include:

  • All product applications will appear in a left panel navigation structure

  • All components of your product application such as endpoints, call logs, alerts and geo permissions, will nest within the left panel

  • Support, Docs, Settings, and Account will be consolidated in the bottom panel

In addition, we have standardized the user interface across our products creating a unified system that gives users a more comfortable workspace that is faster and easier to navigate.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the updated Plivo Console.

  • Streamlined Navigation Panel: We’ve moved the navigation to a collapsible side-panel format. This new layout makes it easier to toggle between product workspaces and creates more room for working on your applications.

  • More Intuitive Billing & Account Sections: The new format cleans up the billing and account sections and creates two separate areas: one for all things related to finance including payments and invoices, and one for all things related to account security such as users, subaccounts, team, and user credentials.

  • Optimized View of Application Configuration: Now you can see at a glance all the details of your application configuration - phone numbers, all associated URLs for both voice and SMS, and SIP endpoints - without having to click through multiple layers to verify or modify the application configuration.

  • URLs for Quick Editing: We’ve taken a couple of steps out of item editing. Instead of going to an entity (Applications, Endpoints, Phone numbers) list and scrolling through a list of edit items, now you can navigate directly to an entity URL and edit.

  • Easier UI for Configuring Phone Numbers: Here we’ve eliminated multiple steps so that you can see the phone number configuration in the same panel where you see “Your Numbers” and, in the same place, you can modify or attach the number to an application.

  • Simpler Phone Number Identity Documentation: Some countries require address and identity documentation in order to use a specific phone number. You’ll find two new features in the console that simplify the documentation process. First, you will be alerted upfront about whether the documentation is required. Second, when you buy the number, you’ll have the option to attach the document.

  • (Coming Soon) Product Overview Featuring Analytics: We are updating the analytics dashboard such that every product will have an Overview page, which will present a snapshot of product-specific analytics.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback on these new changes to the Plivo Console. You’ll see a Feedback Widget on the Console sidebar. As you use the new console over the next few months, please take a moment to share your feedback. We’ll collect and consolidate feedback to iterate and optimize your user experience.

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