Plivo Adds Integration with Auth0

Plivo Adds Integration with Auth0

Auth0, the popular authentication and authorization platform, secures logins for thousands of global enterprises. Now you can leverage Auth0 with Plivo’s messaging platform to send SMS messages for multifactor authentication (MFA) — a feature Auth0 lacks. Sending an authentication code via text message lets people use a convenient device to improve security, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry by requiring an additional factor to grant access.

The new integration benefits users of both platforms. Current Plivo users can use Auth0 as their identity and access management (IAM) platform and leverage their existing Plivo investment, while Auth0 customers can add an economical SMS provider to enable MFA.

How it works

Integrating Plivo with Auth0 is a simple matter of dragging the new Plivo Action into an Auth0 flow. Once you’ve set it up, Auth0 will use Plivo to send SMS messages for multifactor authentication. For detailed steps, read more on how to integrate Auth0 with Plivo for SMS MFA guide.

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