Sansay and Plivo

We’ve teamed up with Sansay to offer a new and powerful cloud communications platform and couldn’t be more excited. From the press coverage:

Sansay’s newfound interoperability with Plivo gives Sansay devices the ability to easily work with the cloud communication functions and messaging services offered by Plivo. This will allow the newly-minted coalition to pursue not only over the top (OTT) markets, but also the growing market for Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) in voice and video alike.

Under the arrangement, Sansay’s SBCs will provide the necessary security features to ensure privacy on the calls, as well as the various technical aspects of such communications like packet header manipulations, transcoding and call routing. Meanwhile, Plivo will be serving as more of a face-forward sort of functionality, serving as the API platform from which several major VoIP applications — hosted PBX messaging, call recording, WebRTC and several others — can be introduced.

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