99 Reasons Why People Love Plivo

Jun 14, 2023
99 Reasons Why People Love Plivo

The latest quarterly G2 rankings are out, and Plivo leads the pack.

Plivo was named a Leader in the Communications Platform as a Service category. We received the highest Satisfaction score among products in our category — 99 out of 100, as voted by actual users of our platform.

To celebrate, one of my colleagues suggested we ask a generative AI platform for “99 reasons to love Plivo.” That might be challenging even for a human (yes, we’re biased in favor of biological life forms), but maybe nine reasons? That seems more doable.

We put the question to several generative AI platforms.

We gave all of them the same simple prompt:

“Give me nine reasons why people love the CPaaS platform Plivo.”

What we got back was interesting. Each of the platforms was able to quote many of the themes we pride ourselves on, but not always in the same way.

Every tool cited pricing as an advantage, touting Plivo as “cost-effective,” “affordable,” and “attractive,” among other things.

A couple of the platforms talked about the flexibility of our integration and development tools. A couple of others mentioned flexible pricing. One highlighted the flexibility of our premium support plans.

Scalability was on almost every list. One platform referred to it as “robust infrastructure.”

All but one had a bullet about reliability, but that one did call us reliable under both “robust infrastructure” and “proven track record.”

Every one mentioned our global reach — which comes in handy at those big tables at large family reunions.

They all mentioned our excellent customer support.

Most of the platforms mentioned security.

Finally, as we got down toward the end of the list, we got some varied responses: customizability, innovation, multiple communication channels, robust API, advanced features, comprehensive documentation, and proven track record.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. And in fact we did say it ourselves, because generative large language models (LLM) like these tools train on large amounts of text, including, in all likelihood, our website and many other websites on which people have written about Plivo. They then string together likely combinations of words that can mimic expertise if the training based was good enough.

Generative AI platforms are not always right, however. In our case, while all of the good things were 100% correct, ChatGPT and Chatsonic noted that we offer video, and that’s not true. This is a good reminder not to rely on AI for your content. (This message was brought to you by your friendly local content marketer, who hopes to keep his job.)

Read what the robots wrote

Are you curious to see how each platform handled the answers? Let us know if you want us to post them verbatim on our LinkedIn page. Drop by there now and click that Follow button so you don’t miss them.

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