Plivo Supports Cutting Edge Passwordless Security Application

Sep 25, 2017
Plivo Supports Cutting Edge Passwordless Security Application

“Most data breaches are successful because today’s popular security systems are inflexible and don’t allow organizations to react immediately,” says Sid Prasanna, CEO of FlexSecure. Prasanna and his team set out to build an authentication application that was different, and he’s confident that FlexSecure’s passwordless and “flexible pin” approach to authentication is one of the most advanced security applications on the market. FlexSecure uses Plivo technology for user notifications.

“The reason why it’s easy to hack into accounts is because most of the current security solutions have static credentials and inflexible policies, so ultimately accounts can be compromised by brute force. That’s not the case with FlexSecure,” Prasanna says.

When talking about authentication, Prasanna likes to use a house analogy. “If you only have security at your front door, then once that’s breached an intruder can steal everything in your house. With our application, you can have unique authentication methods on your front door and every room in your house, so if your front door is breached, the bulk of your house can still be secure and intruders can’t steal everything from you.”

FlexSecure enables organizations to mix and match user authentication methods to protect cloud, mobile, and internal applications. FlexSecure is quickly integrated with business applications — typical integration takes less than a day — and is unique in that it uses passwordless security with a “flexible pin” option. FlexSecure doesn’t require end users run an application, so administrators can change authentication policies and pin structures dynamically, in near real time, without impacting the user experience. “At the end of the day, it’s a win for everyone — IT can be proactive or responsive, and the end user doesn’t have to remember any passwords.”

To offer user notification, FlexSecure turned to Plivo. “We decided to integrate Plivo’s SMS API with our application because we liked their support, scalability, and pricing,” Prasanna says.

Plivo helped FlexSecure with onboarding. With support from Plivo’s technical team, FlexSecure integrated the SMS API in less than a day. Plivo also helped FlexSecure with whitelisting all major mobile communications companies.

“We’re a security company, not a telecom company, which means we appreciated that Plivo took care of the complicated telephony infrastructure and carrier relationships,” Prasanna says.

“Our goals with FlexSecure are to offer a data security platform that is easy to use, while being flexible and effective. Using Plivo’s SMS capabilities helps us realize these goals and supports our mission to help companies across all industries improve authentication processes and minimize data breaches.”

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