Announcing the Plivo Helper Library
for Salesforce

We’re excited to announce that the Plivo Helper Library for Salesforce is now available. Plivo’s Salesforce integration lets businesses add voice and SMS text messaging capabilities to new Salesforce apps and those already on the AppExchange. The Salesforce Helper Library allows new and existing Salesforce applications to leverage Plivo’s robust carrier network and access 1,600+ networks worldwide and phone numbers in more than 8,000 area codes. You can get free incoming SMS messages in 19+ countries, and experience an average overall savings of 48% compared to other cloud communication services.

We wrote the Plivo Helper Library for Salesforce to include Apex classes that let you interact with Plivo’s voice and SMS APIs to send and receive text messages and make and receive phone calls.

Existing and new Salesforce applications can now leverage Plivo’s APIs to make phone calls and send text messages to their users in over 200 countries. Plivo’s full-featured voice and SMS APIs also allow you to record voice calls for free, initiate bulk calling and texting campaigns, retrieve voice and SMS text message details within Salesforce, and provision phone numbers instantly.

Here are examples of Salesforce applications that currently use Plivo’s voice and SMS APIs:

  • Two-way SMS texting for sales and service agents
  • Bulk texting for lead nurturing, emergency alerts, loyalty programs, and event reminders
  • Click-to-call dialer within the Salesforce CRM
  • Delivery of automated text-to-speech info for lead nurturing
  • Cloud-based voicemail for sales lines
  • Inbound call tracking
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