New Status Page Showcases Plivo Reliability

Oct 27, 2020
New Status Page Showcases Plivo Reliability

As part of delivering on our 99.95% uptime promise, we’re introducing an updated status page. Think of it as our internal checks and balance report to show that we’re not only abiding by our uptime SLA, we’re also offering full transparency while doing so. Plivo’s revamped status page gives everyone a real-time view into our service availability, as well as the status of telecom carriers globally.

Categorization of Plivo vs. carrier partners

We’ve categorized uptime by our different services, and under each section you can differentiate between incidents related to Plivo’s software and those concerning carrier partners’ connectivity, which indicate an issues outside of our network (and out of our control). We’ve also broken down carrier connectivity status by region, which you can view by clicking the plus sign in the top right corner of each section.

Easier-to-use interface

A simplified UI helps page visitors check the status of Plivo products and services. Any upcoming maintenance planned by external carriers is reflected in the Scheduled Maintenance section, while the Past Incidents section links out to a detailed incident history that provides more information about service degradation. You can navigate to these sections through the top header.

Status categorization

Each section has a lookback of 30 days, and each status component is color-coded per the severity of the incident — Operational, Under Maintenance, Scheduled Maintenance, Degraded Performance, Partial Outage, and Major Outage — giving you visibility into critical issues in real time.

Subscriptions to updates and incidents

You can sign up to receive automated email notifications whenever the Plivo status page creates, updates, or resolves an incident by clicking the Subscribe to Updates button in the header.

You can specify that you want to be notified by service type, so that if you only want to be notified of incidents regarding the Messaging API, for example, you can indicate that by ticking that respective field before you click Save. We have an extensive list of subscription options at both the Plivo services side and the carrier partners side.

We have carried over the System Metrics section from the old status page, so you can still have a real-time view into our API uptime and response times during the day, if you want to get that granular.

Quickly identify issues

Having visibility into service issues is a critical step in any incident resolution process. From the real-time status of all Plivo products and services and global telecom carriers to incident categorization and the ability to subscribe to updates, we’re making it easier for our customers to get to the bottom of any issues.

Not using Plivo yet? Getting started takes just five minutes. Sign up today.

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