Plivo Browser SDK Adds Support for Multiple Incoming Calls

Oct 10, 2018
Plivo Browser SDK Adds Support for Multiple Incoming Calls

Today’s latest release of the Plivo Browser SDK includes support for handling multiple incoming calls. This feature gives developers control of calls that arrive on agent endpoints while agents are talking to other customers. The ability to handle multiple incoming calls helps agents manage and answer calls based on priority, caller ID, and context, thereby improving overall customer experience.

As part of this new version, we’re introducing a new call management mode that, when enabled, ensures incoming calls are never silently rejected. Instead, agents are presented with the option to accept, reject, or ignore the incoming call, thus ensuring better call management.

Activating multiple incoming call mode

Before today, incoming calls would be silently rejected if the destination endpoint was engaged in another call. Now, you can set a new configuration parameter, allowMultipleIncomingCalls, to true to enable multiple incoming calls when you initialize the SDK. (The default value is false, to be consistent with past behavior.)

const options = { allowMultipleIncomingCalls: true };

Call center agents may face two scenarios when the multiple incoming call feature is set to true, and a couple of things can happen:

Scenario 1: Agent is already on a call


Scenario 2: Agent is available, but multiple calls are ringing simultaneously


To accept one incoming call and handle others coming in, your application can use this code:

plivoWebSdk.client.on('onIncomingCall', (callerId, extraHeaders, callInfo) =>

// To accept a call and reject other incoming calls -
plivoWebSdk.client.answer(callInfo.callUUID, 'reject')

// To accept a call and ignore other incoming calls -
plivoWebSdk.client.answer(callInfo.callUUID, 'ignore')

// To accept a call and let other incoming calls ring in the background -
plivoWebSdk.client.answer(callInfo.callUUID, 'letring')

To reject an incoming call, use this code:


Ignoring incoming calls

The new ignore(callUUID) function, when invoked on a ringing call, stops the incoming ring sound and sets the local call state to ignored. However, no hangup message is sent to the remote party and the call continues to ring for the caller.

To ignore an incoming call, use this code:


For more information, refer our Browser SDK reference documentation.

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