New Year, New 20,000-Square-Foot Office

Jan 24, 2017
New Year, New 20,000-Square-Foot Office

Last week, we talked about what we achieved in 2016 in our year in review post. This week, we’d like to show you our new office.

We now have more than 100 team members, which means that we’ve outgrown our India office. Not only did we need an office large enough to host 100 team members, but we also needed room to grow. Within the next two years, we’re estimating we’ll grow to at least 300 people in the India office alone. Our new office is modular and has enough space to host all-hands discussions with live video streaming across both US and India offices.

Before we started searching for a new office, we knew that we wanted to have everyone on the same floor. Our old office had limited space, so some of our teams were on separate floors, which made collaboration difficult. More specifically, we wanted to foster brainstorming within teams as well as collaborations between departments. This is why each team now has an area equipped with whiteboard walls and pillars nearby. For team-specific meetings, we created meeting rooms of various sizes that can host from two to 24 people. We’ve also created work pods and hot desk counters to enable spontaneous meetings and hopefully spark new ideas.

The office of course is not all about work. We’ve also created lounge areas and a game room, and even brought in a few nap pods for those who need a quick recharge. In addition, we built a large cafeteria and kitchen where we serve lunch and dinner and provide a selection of snacks all day long.

Even though we’re still working on certain parts of the office, we just couldn’t wait to show you the progress thus far.

Look at our new office

Our entrance way …

Plivo office lobby

… and waiting area

Plivo office waiting room

We have new desks, bulletin boards, and multifunctional drawers for each team member.

Plivo office laptop with drawer and monitor

Modular drawers double as chairs for informal discussions.

Modular drawers double a chair for informal discussions

Our cafeteria overlooks the rest of the floor. Lunch and dinner are served here daily.

Plivo office cafeteria inside looking out
Plivo office cafeteria outside looking in

A wide selection of snacks and drinks is available.

Plivo Cafeteria with employees snacking

The game room, complete with 65-inch TV, ping pong table, foosball table, and Xbox.

Game room with foosball, tv, xbox, and ping pong table

Sci-fi-themed work pods for quick collaboration and brainstorming

Sci-fi themed work pods
Long shot of work pods together

Hot desk counters for spontaneous conversations

Hot desk space with two people working side by side

We have a mix of large meeting rooms for formal presentations and small meeting rooms for team meetings. Since members of our US and India office communicate on a daily basis, we’ve also invested in fancy video hardware to ensure that every room can be used for live video communication. Each room is also equipped with a whiteboard wall to help foster ideas and team problem-solving.

Large meeting room with collapsable wall
Small meeting room with monitor

That’s the photo tour of our new office. In December, the Plivo US team flew to India, for a team retreat and to see the new space.

Plivo team picture

If you like what you’ve seen, come work with us. Our team is growing rapidly, and we’re always looking for smart, self-driven individuals to join us.

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