Launching - Our Open-sourced Conference Alternative

Last Friday, at our Open-source Show and Tell event we launched, a free open source out-of-the-box audio conferencing app exposed via an API. We built it to solve our own frustrations with current conference apps. We wanted it to be super easy to use with zero friction, which meant no signups, no downloads, and no usernames or pins. It should just work. Check out the result at

On the grand scheme of things, we wanted to spark more dialogue about how we communicate and empower people to reach for better solutions and it looks like people were listening. With over a day on the front page of Hacker News and Reddit, we were able to bring a lot of attention to how we can start leveraging new (and open-source) technology to disrupt the market. We’re collecting data on this project and we’ll share it publicly in a follow-up post in two weeks.

Check out our entire presentation on Slideshare and we hope to see you at our next open source event.

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