Introducing the brand new Plivo Console

Today we are really excited to announce the new Plivo Console. The new console is a redesigned experience with a major focus on the information architecture across the dashboard. Check it out now by logging in or signing up on the Plivo website ( or by navigating to

Key Changes in the New Plivo Console:

The main objectives for taking up a redesign were:

  1. To organize the information better and make it easier to manage your accounts
  2. To create a scalable UI design to accommodate future products & features

We achieved these by introducing different sections for products, accounts & billing.

Product Sections

The new console has a section for each product which is easily accessible from the product selector present in the top navigation. Features and items relevant to a product are now present in the respective menu sidebars present on the left as shown below.

Console Screen Shot

All new features would now be seamlessly added into the respective product sections

Accounts & Billing Sections

The accounts and billing pages can now be accessed from the settings menu present on the top-right corner, as shown below.

Console Screen Shot 02

The accounts section provides controls on the account settings and sub-accounts, and the billing section allows the user to manage recharges, recharge options, usage bills and payment receipts.

Transition from existing dashboard to new console:

The new Plivo Console can be used today to perform all the tasks & actions that are possible on the existing Plivo Dashboard. An option to view the existing Plivo Dashboard is still available at, for current users. However, effective 28th February 2018, any new products and features will only be added to the new console.

To experience the new UI, please log in to new Plivo Console. Users who login or sign-up from will be able to use the new console by default. Users could also directly access and get a taste of the new console.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know.

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