Introducing Plivo iOS SDK v2

Sep 1, 2017
Introducing Plivo iOS SDK v2

The Plivo iOS SDK v2 has launched in public beta. iOS SDK helps you make and receive calls in your iOS applications. This SDK is compatible with devices running iOS version 8 and higher.

One major enhancement in Plivo iOS SDK v2 is that it supports Pushkit and Callkit, meaning applications built using the SDK can receive incoming calls using Apple VoIP Push notifications. Pushkit also eliminates the need for persistent connections to receive incoming calls, thereby reducing device battery consumption by the application. Using Callkit, applications built on the new SDK can now handle VoIP calls with the same level of priority as that of a PSTN call.

To receive an incoming call using Pushkit, you just set up your push credentials, then handle push notifications using the Plivo SDK.

We’ve created a guide to setting up push credentials in the Plivo console. You can refer to our SDK Reference for more information about APIs for handling the push notification. We’ve also developed a full-fledged sample application in Swift that implements all the features of the SDK.

You can get started with the SDK by installing it manually or by using Cocoapods. For manual installation, download the SDK and refer to our installation guide. Alternatively, use our Cocoapods to integrate your application with the SDK.

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