Introducing Fraud Shield — Plivo’s new solution to fight SMS pumping

Dec 19, 2023
Introducing Fraud Shield — Plivo’s new solution to fight SMS pumping

We’re pleased to introduce Fraud Shield, Plivo’s latest defense against SMS pumping. This sophisticated solution empowers you to set precise spending limits on a country and hourly basis, thwarting attempts at fraud and protecting your business from inflated messaging costs.

Fraud Shield offers two primary features that operate at the destination country level.  

  • Fraud Thresholds allow you to control the number of messages that can be sent per hour. We’ll block (and not charge for) any messages exceeding your hourly spending thresholds.
  • Geo Permissions allow you to control the countries to which your SMS messages are sent. We’ll block (and not charge for) any messages to locations not included in your destination list.

How does Plivo determine country risk levels?

We use several factors to determine the level of risk for each country,  including any previous cases of fraud and local regulations. The Plivo team regularly reassesses our risk criteria to ensure that Fraud Shield is using the latest data for recommended thresholds.

You’re in control of the settings

Fraud Shield offers several options to let you take control based on your risk tolerance. It’s easy to get started. Apply Plivo’s recommended thresholds in one click. Fine-tune and override messaging throughput thresholds for each country as needed.  Remove your selected overrides and revert to the master account settings at any time.

You can also choose how the system responds to a threshold breach and select who from your team is notified – options include Block & Alert, Alert Only, or Ignore.  

This extra layer of protection is now available in the console under Fraud Shield.

To get started, review the full Fraud Shield documentation. Then, navigate to the Fraud Shield section of the Messaging console to configure your account settings. You may need to do a hard refresh of your browser if the Fraud Shield section is not loading correctly.

As always, our support team is available to help with questions.

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