International Phone Numbers in 50 countries across Europe, South America, Africa and Asia

Today, we are launching our service internationally by providing local phone numbers in more than 50 countries within a month of announcing the launch of Plivo cloud - Our scalable API platform to build Voice and SMS applications in the US. Our coverage will keep growing, check out our Twilio Alternative page to see our coverage stacked up against Twilio.

We have also beefed up our multilingual Text to speech to support the additional languages covering most of these 50 countries.  We are moving fast towards our goal to help more and more businesses move to the telephony cloud without worrying about infrastructure or scaling issues .

The highlights of this launch are:

  • Local phone numbers in 50+ countries
  • Inbound/outbound Voice service in all of those 50+ countries
  • Receive Voice and SMS on the same number in the US, UK and Canada

In many of these countries, to set up a phone solution with voice or SMS, businesses would have to negotiate contracts with carriers, spend time and money on procuring hardware and hire experts to configure the system. With Plivo expanding its international reach, businesses no longer need to go through these hassles. They can move to Plivo cloud which is inexpensive, reliable and scalable. 

Our focus is to be an enabler for businesses that are built on hardware telephony infrastructure because hardware is expensive to set up, maintain and it is not so easy to scale. As majority of the hardware infrastructure today is based on the SIP standard, Plivo helps businesses integrate their SIP devices with the cloud so that they can get rid of their IVR/PBX set up.

Here’s the list of the countries where Plivo has launched local numbers apart from USA:

Americas: Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Dominican Republic, Peru, Puerto Rico, Canada, El Salvador
Europe & Middle East: United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Finland, France, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Romania
Asia & Africa: Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa

Further details on pricing can be found here
Our team is geared up to keep its round-the-clock support up for our international customers. Get-started for free


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