Improved Browser SDK Documentation

A few weeks ago, we released an improved set of SMS documentation. Today, we’re following that up with new Browser SDK documentation.

Plivo’s Browser SDK uses WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication), a game-changing technology that allows businesses to build browser-based real-time communication tools without plugins. This new generation of communication tools uses only a data connection to transmit voice-based calls. Specifically, Browser SDK allows you to:

  • Make phone calls from a browser: Your browser can act like a phone and make calls to mobile phones, landlines, or SIP-enabled devices, including softphones.
  • Receive phone calls on a browser: Receive calls in a browser-based app from any mobile phone, landline, or SIP-enabled device.
  • Make phone calls between browsers (browser-to-browser): Users can make phone calls with your browser-based app without the recipient needing to use the same browser, telecom software, or plugins.

Among the new Browser SDK doc pages we’ve added:

  • Introduction to Browser SDK: Learn the fundamentals of how our Browser SDK works and what you'll need to build your app.
  • Make Outgoing Calls: Make calls directly from any web browser to phone numbers and SIP endpoints.
  • Receive Incoming Calls: Receive incoming calls from mobile phones, landlines, or SIP-enabled devices (such as softphones) directly in your browser-based app.
  • Create Dynamic SIP Endpoints: Create new endpoints for each new call connection to prevent uninvited calls from calling in on an existing line.
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