Improved Phone Number Inventory Search with New APIs

Jan 14, 2015
Improved Phone Number Inventory Search with New APIs

One of the features our customers request most is the ability to search for phone numbers by more than just country and prefix. As of today, our improved phone number search gives you the ability to not only search by phone number digits, but also by location (such as California), LATA (Local Access Transport Area), and rate center. We’ve added the ability to filter phone numbers by features supported (voice, SMS, or both) and number type (fixed, mobile, toll-free, or any). We’ve also written a new Quickstart guide for our Phone Numbers API.

You can search for and buy numbers either from the Phone Numbers > Buy Numbers page of the Plivo console or by using Plivo’s new Number Search API.

Screenshot - New Searchable Phone Number Inventory

All of our server SDKs have been updated to support the new PhoneNumber API.

With the availability of the new PhoneNumber API we’re phasing out the AvailableNumber API.

We’ve also made other inventory-related improvements in an effort to ensure that we never run out of the phone numbers you need. We’ve increased our phone number inventory by 400%, and made improvements to our inventory automation system to better adjust to dynamic inventory depletion rates and forecast for future inventory size. Our phone number inventory spans mobile, fixed, and toll-free numbers. We have SMS phone numbers available in 23 countries and voice phone numbers in 55 countries, with access to more than 8,000 area codes.

Our phone number team, which is responsible for maintaining a healthy phone number inventory, also specializes in regulatory compliance. They can help you adhere to local regulatory and legal requirements in the countries in which you’re acquiring phone numbers.

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