Happy Thanksgiving

It’s amazing how quickly 2012 has gone by. Here at Plivo, we’ve had an exciting year full of growth and progress. In January we had one customer and one employee (apart from the founders), and we were still developing our product. Now, thanks to momentum from The Morpheus, guidance from Y Combinator, and all of the 18–20 hour days we worked, we’ve launched publicly and have expanded our platform to 50 countries, all while working out of apartments and cafes. Although the time spent working in temporary spaces was certainly memorable, it feels good to finally have our own office here in San Francisco. Our team is 18 members strong across two countries — and we’re hiring. We’ve accomplished a lot this year and we’re only getting started.

We’re thankful for all that we have and all that’s still to come. We’re thankful to our customers, our team of dedicated, hard-working individuals, our mentors, and our investors. We’re also thankful to our friends, families, and pets for understanding when we work late. Have a safe and lovely Thanksgiving!

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