Customer Support Made Easy With Plivo’s Voice API

Sep 16, 2018
Customer Support Made Easy With Plivo’s Voice API

Business processes are usually fragmented depending on the size of the organization. Businesses want rely on a single platform or a single tool for all their needs, whether it’s ticketing, customer communication, billing, or CRM. Operational inefficiencies will no longer stand in your way if you have the right tool in place from day one.

This paves the way to ensuring businesses can provide even better support and customer experience. Recently, Abhisi, an omnichannel customer support product company partnered with Plivo and integrated our voice APIs with their ticketing and helpdesk software. Abhisi’s goal is to ensure their products helps users to work together as a single team in the quest to delivering wow moments and helping users work together as a team.

Customer Support Made Easy

Plivo is successfully integrated into Abhisi to elevate their customer support experience via voice communication. As part of their 360 degree customer support software, Plivo voice APIs help manage incoming customer request via phone calls using a single interface. This eliminates the need to switch between multiple applications, tabs or products for a single purpose. This ensures Abhisi reduces the complexity of customer support thereby making businesses and teams function as a single cohesive unit. Another advantage with this approach is it helps reduce response times and provides support team a boost in productivity.

Incoming Call

Powered by Voice Communication

Plivo voice APIs powers the complete backbone of voice communication at Abhisi

  • Get complete call recordings attached to a message
  • Conducting conference calls
  • Call queuing and routing
  • Call transfer
  • Complete call history when customers calls back
  • Managing agent availability and status
Outgoing Call

Getting Started is Easy

The Abhisi team has put together a page highlighting the integration with Plivo along with other product details.

Click here to check out the Plivo Abhisi voice API integration.

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