Introducing Contacto: Omnichannel Customer Service with a Human Touch

Oct 6, 2021
Introducing Contacto: Omnichannel Customer Service with a Human Touch

We’ve all spent much more time on a customer service call than we expected. We may have interacted with voice menus, listened to long menus, and still had to repeat the same information again and again. And we’ve left with the feeling of, “Why can’t this experience be better?” Studies show these subpar experiences decrease customer retention.

In a July 2021 report, The future of customer conversation, Accenture wrote: “We’re moving to a world where customers expect to engage with brands at any time, across multiple devices, channels, and touchpoints. Customers also expect interactions to be in tune with their personal preferences and schedules.”

In today’s mobile-first consumer world, customers want fast, flexible, and frictionless assistance. That’s why we built Contacto.

Contacto is an omnichannel contact center platform that combines traditional and emerging customer service channels with an easy-to-use interface, out of the box customizability for a focus on today’s mobile-first consumer.

Contacto is built on Plivo’s Premium Communications Platform that has been proven for scale over the last 10 years with billions of requests each month. It natively supports voice and emerging channels like in-app chat, WhatsApp, social media, and has pre-built integrations with existing applications like Salesforce, Zendesk, Shopify, Kustomer, and more.

Why Contacto, and why now?

Plivo has long been focused on the back end of communications and on building its voice and messaging API business.

But based on feedback from customers, we recognized an opportunity to package that back end into a vertical application for an underserved niche. Most businesses don’t have the time or resources to build out a fully customized contact center for their customer service needs. They’re already too occupied with running their own business.

That’s especially true for nimble businesses in the B2C retail and ecommerce space, where efficient, effective customer service is a growing competitive advantage. And customer expectations are very high.

We want to make it possible for every company, no matter their size, to provide customers with world-class customer service interactions.

Communication channels

Contacto comes with native, full-featured voice capabilities so there’s no need to engage costly third-party vendors for enterprise-grade on-call features, excellent call quality, and high reliability.

Web and in-app chat embedded directly into a brand’s application or website let customers interact with retailers while they shop and beyond.

Customers can choose messaging via SMS, MMS, or WhatsApp — the leading consumer chat app. Brands can also utilize notifications to deliver proactive support updates.

We plan to add native integrations with social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram later this year.

Feature highlights

All agent activity in Contacto revolves around a unified agent desktop, where all communications channels are presented in a single simple interface.

That enables agents to:

  • Respond to all incoming conversations from one screen, no matter their channel
  • View the customer’s associated conversation timeline and interaction history
  • Create and manage information in third-party systems without leaving Contacto

With all that information in one place, agents have the context they need to solve issues faster and create a more tailored experience for the customer.

Contacto is designed to work seamlessly with a business’ existing systems, with out-of-the-box integrations with Salesforce, Salesforce Service Cloud, Zendesk, Shopify, and more.

Plivo’s next phase of growth

With Contacto, Plivo is entering into its next evolution in the marketplace — offering not only best-in-class API products for technical teams, but also cloud-based communications solutions that offer superior out-of-the-box functionality for B2C customer service teams.

As Plivo embarks on its next 10 years of growth, we look forward to continued innovation and evolution, while maintaining our focus on providing customers with the solutions they want and need to succeed.

Sound interesting? Take a tour!

Interested in giving Contacto a try? We’d be happy to give you a quick tour. We look forward to helping you maximize agent productivity and meet customers on their terms with our unified cloud contact center for B2C teams.

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