Plivo Call Transcription Price Reduced by 37%

Plivo Call Transcription Price Reduced by 37%

We’ve reduced the price for our call transcription service from $0.015 per minute to $0.0095 per minute — a cost savings of 37%. This price reduction is immediate and applies to all existing and future Plivo customers. You don’t need to do anything, and the change will automatically be reflected in your account balance when you transcribe calls.

To put that price in perspective, here’s how our updated rates compare with other services that also provide transcription for voice calls.




Amazon Transcribe

Google Cloud Speech-to-Text

Microsoft Azure Speech Services

Price Per Minute


$0.050 (5 times higher)

$0.024 (2.5 times higher)

$0.024 (2.5 times higher)

$0.017 (almost twice as high)

This price reduction is part of our continued commitment to pass on savings to our customers as we continue to scale, to provide you with the best customer experience possible.

What is call transcription?

Call transcription is the process of converting recorded phone conversations into written words. Transcription isn’t the same as real-time automatic speech recognition, which you might use in interactive voice response (IVR) systems, though we offer that as well.

Call transcription can help you in a number of ways. You can enhance your agent monitoring process and your company’s operational efficiency by gaining a perspective on how your employees handle incoming calls. You can provide sales and support reps with text records of every conversation they have with customers. With a transcript, anyone can search or visually scan call conversations instead of listening to an entire recording — a process that’s more efficient than manual call monitoring.

In addition, with call transcription you can:

Improve agent performance

You can search and organize transcribed calls based on outcomes, and learn from them to create best practices documents or knowledge base articles. Transcripts can help you improve grading, quality monitoring, and agent and team performance. They can also help managers develop personalized training objectives for agents to improve their performance over time. Meanwhile, sales agents can use transcripts to identify cross- and upsell opportunities and identify effective ways to move leads further along the pipeline.

Reduce training time

Transcriptions can be shared among reps and throughout the new-hire onboarding process. They can serve as example scripts that illustrate what a rep should (or shouldn’t) say to a customer.

Do post-facto keyword analytics

Transcripts make it easy to analyze which keywords appear in call conversations and how frequently, so you can learn what your customers are saying and use that information to make better decisions. For instance, if you can understand what aspects and features of a product customers are happy or unhappy about, you can better prioritize efforts to improve the product.

Enhance the customer experience

For contact centers especially, customer satisfaction is crucial, and the best way to deliver on customer satisfaction is to have customer insights. Call transcripts unlock those insights, giving you an easy-to-review format and high-level perspective, which is especially useful when you have a lot of calls covering a number of subjects. Call transcription makes it simple to review information and discern trends, and identify instances where you should go back and listen to specific calls for more context.

Whether it’s getting a summary of a meeting, evaluating a focus group, or just making sense of customer service calls, transcription can help you understand your customers better, and with that information you can improve future interactions with them.

How Plivo transcribes calls

While there are a ton of stand-alone transcription services in the market, Plivo is unique in providing a full-scale voice API solution with a range of capabilities, including dual channel call recording, global conference calling, and supervisor coaching. When you want to transcribe a call, your application can use a Plivo API request to enable audio recording for conversations, conferences, or multiparty calls, and specify that you want to transcribe the recording.

When customers call in, Plivo begins recording when your application passes the recording instruction to us using a Record API request or Record XML element. Upon the completion of the call, we’ll automatically transcribe the recording to text if you requested transcription.

You can also record and transcribe outbound calls — for instance to prospects when launching a telemarketing or collection campaign. As with inbound calls, when the recorded call is complete, Plivo generates a transcript, which you can use to, for instance, search for keywords to identify trends related to campaigns and customer engagement. You can use these findings to improve campaign performance and train both new and existing agents by highlighting best practices in addressing customers’ needs.

With dual channel recording, high-quality voice through our Tier 1 carrier network, and per-second billing, Plivo offers businesses of all sizes a comprehensive transcription tool.

Haven’t tried Plivo yet? Getting set up takes only a few minutes! Sign up today.

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